British Crocodile Expert Adam Britton Raped Dozens of Dogs, Filmed Act In Torture Room

Adam Britton was arrested in 2022. (File)

A British crocodile expert has admitted to raping and killing dogs, then filming the acts of bestiality and posting them online, the BBC reported. Leading zoologist Adam Britton, who has worked with the BBC and National Geographic, told an Australian court that he had tortured dozens of dogs to death. All of this is captured on camera.

Britton also admitted to 60 counts of accessing child abuse material online, but has not yet been sentenced.

According to local media, the judge hearing the case in the Northern Territory Supreme Court told people to leave the courtroom because the details of his crimes were so graphic they could cause “nervous shock”. He said he warned him.

Prosecutors said Britton had had a “sadistic sexual interest” in animals since 2014, exploiting his own pets and dogs surrendered by other owners.

Prosecutors said in court that Britton was trying to gain custody of the animals by finding someone to give them up due to travel or work commitments. He allegedly told previous owners “false stories” and sent old photos to them asking for updates on old pets.

He kept a tool in his shipping container to record where he abused animals, the court heard. He called it a “torture chamber.”

Mr Britton, who has a PhD in zoology and holds an academic position at Charles Darwin University, was arrested in 2022 after Northern Territory Police discovered such a video. He is scheduled to be sentenced in December.

The report said 39 of the 42 dogs he abused in the 18 months before his arrest died.

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