British Hockey Fans Give Standing Ovation for Matt Petgrave, Player Involved in Incident That Killed in Adam Johnson

A Sheffield Steelers hockey fan in the UK saw a photo of Matt Petgrave appear on the arena’s big screen when the player’s high kick hit opponent Adam Johnson in the neck with the blade of his skate, killing him. Two weeks later, he received a standing ovation.

The Steelers returned to Utilita Arena Sheffield on Sunday for their first home game since the Oct. 28 fatal shooting of Nottingham Panthers player and former U.S. NHL member Adam Johnson.

The 8,000 fans who packed the rink were the team. standing ovation Showed their support when the match started. However, Petgrave was sidelined and did not play on Sunday. Since the bloody attack on Johnson, he has distanced himself from public life. daily mail report.

But when his photo was shown on the arena’s big screen, fans rose to their feet and gave another standing ovation to show their support for the player.

South Yorkshire Police claim they have launched an investigation into the incident between Petgrave and Johnson. However, they have not provided any hint as to the direction of consideration. They said the death was “unfortunate.”

However, Petgrave has been viewed with suspicion among many fans because old video showed him in the past lifting his leg and causing an opponent to crash into the ice.

The video appears to be from 2009 or 2010 and shows Petgrave delivering a high kick to the Whalers’ Robbie Czarnik. The move was so brutal that Czarnik somersaulted into the air and crashed into the ice.

Mr Johnson’s aunt is also demanding an explanation for the incident.

Kari Johnson, 62, called Mr Petgrave’s actions “reckless” and felt there was no reason for his actions.

Johnson described the “terrible tragedy” of her nephew’s death as “very reckless.” “I just want them [the authorities investigating] To understand it correctly. We seek Adam’s justice. ”

Johnson’s aunt added that Petgrave’s kick was “totally unnecessary.”

Mr Johnson added: “We absolutely want a full investigation.” “I would never kick someone with my foot or cut their throat. I’m sorry.”

She added that Petgrave’s kicks were “not hockey,” adding, “My nephew was 6 feet tall, so whether he lost his balance or not, he put that foot up that high and kicked like he did.” When you make a move, it’s just an act.” unacceptable. ”

“It’s not a hockey play, it’s not a check. I understand every team has an enforcer on their team,” Johnson reiterated.

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