Britney Spears Shocks Fans By Actually Posting Something Normal

Britney Spears shocked fans when she abandoned her usual manic nude videos in favor of a raw, real Instagram message Sunday.

The pop star has been flashing the camera lately and posting dance videos featuring her constant, dizzying spinning. This time, she ditched the wild stuff and leaned into her feelings, giving fans a glimpse of what her experience is when the cameras are off.

“It’s so weird being single … I’ve had a lot of time to really look back with all the good and bad … I’ve realized I don’t talk to myself that nicely at all … I’m easily manipulated and I wear my heart on my sleeve,” she said.

Spears wrote her lengthy caption alongside an image of a nun sipping tea from a straw.

She dove deeper into her feelings as her note continued.

“… But I’m definitely changing all that … I have to make time to stop and look around to re-evaluate myself and say is this good for me ???” she said, showcasing a rare moment of self-reflection.

Spears showed a tinge of vulnerability within her messaging.

“I’m honestly bored but I’m also scared of a lot of things … The way I live my life is mine … I’ve had so many people interfere with that … But to know it’s ok to be selfish with my life and enjoy it is amazing !!!” she wrote.

“I will say my routine and daily affairs seem silly sometimes … My mom always use to visit the sisters at St. Mary’s Catholic School … She used to go to when I was younger and the nuns always gave me cookies … I liked going there because the sun was always out and it was beautiful there,” she said.

“It’s weird because I have a small garden with flowers on my balcony outside my room … When I take a picture of it the illusion is that it’s connected to the trees outside … It’s pretty beautiful when the sun hits at the right spot … The pictures look like diamonds glistening everywhere … Every time I go out there I think of the sisters at the church I used to go to,” she said. (RELATED: Britney Spears Appears Unhinged As She Flashes The Camera From Bed)

As if catching herself mid-thought, and not realizing she could simply delete portions of what she wrote, Spears said, “I’m honestly not even sure why I’m writing this nonsense !!!?? Oh this picture 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️” and then ended her caption.

Comments were turned off, forcing fans to focus on her words, not the commentary or translation of others.



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