Brittany Snow Files For Divorce From Reality-Wannabe Husband Tyler Stanaland

Actress Brittany Snow on Thursday filed divorce papers against her husband, Tyler Stanaland, in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles.

Snow pointed to “irreconcilable differences” as the motivation for the couple’s divorce, TMZ reported, citing court documents. Snow and Stanaland have been married for nearly three years, and the divorce filing comes within a year of Stanaland’s pretty trashy portrayal on the reality Netflix series, “Selling The OC.”

Snow has requested they split attorney fees for the divorce, Page Six reported.

The couple announced their separation in September after tying the knot in early 2020. On the very same day they separated, Stanaland was reportedly seen cozying up with his “Selling The OC” colleague Alex Hall, who openly flirted with him throughout the series, despite Stanaland being married to Snow.

That pretty much sums up “Selling The OC.” It’s nowhere near as good, interesting or likable as the original “Selling Sunset” series on which it’s based. A core theme throughout the series focused on the women in the real estate company throwing themselves at Stanaland, so the divorce probably isn’t a surprise to anyone who watched the series. (RELATED: Metallica Frontman Somehow Hid Divorce From Wife Of Almost 25 Years)

Oh, and “Selling the OC” just got picked up for another two seasons. Literally why? Every single episode was the same as the last, and the series was so predictable it might as well have been called “Realtors Talk Sh*t Behind Each Others’ Backs And Then Fight.”

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