Brooklyn Democrat faces bipartisan accusations of anti-Italian bias after comments about landscaping company

Brooklyn Democrat new york city He has faced bipartisan accusations of anti-Italian bias over his remarks about the landscaping company.

Democratic Rep. Ji Ose, 25, from Brooklyn, was charged with the allegations. anti italian Racism Following his comments regarding Dragonetti Brothers Landscaping, which pleaded guilty to insurance fraud last year and had to pay $1 million in damages.

“The thing to say about Dragonetti is that the name alone was supposed to be the first red flag regarding the deal with the city,” Ose said at a city council hearing on Monday.

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Democratic Rep. Ji Ose, 25, from Brooklyn, said he had to pay $1 million in damages after pleading guilty to insurance fraud last year, sparking remarks about Dragonetti Brothers Landscaping. Accused of anti-Italian racism. ((Photo Credit: Taylor Hill/Getty Images))

2 days laterVideo clips of his remarks raced around the Big Apple political scene, and from both sides of the aisle, racist fervor came from two of his Italian colleagues, Staten Island Republican Rep. Joe Borrelli and Democrat Bob Holden. condemnation ensued. Queens.

Borelli told Fox News Digital on Friday that Osse “took an offensive joke, but unfortunately the standard demanded by politically correct progressives like him is one of zero tolerance.” It is.”

“This is not the first time he has made offensive remarks or tweets, so the rules need to apply,” Borrelli said. “There is no room for hate here.”

Mr Borrelli previously told local media that Mr Osé’s comments were “racist remarks made during an official session of parliament”.

“I bet there will be no impact on sea salinity,” he added.

“We must unite as a city and unequivocally reject all forms of hatred and bigotry. Mr Osse’s comments comparing Italians and organized crime at the City Council hearing are reprehensible and offensive. and has no place in our society,” Holden said.

Two days later, video clips of Osse’s remarks circulated around the Big Apple political scene, with fervent accusations of racism from two of his Italian colleagues, Staten Island Republican Rep. Joe Borelli and a Democrat, from both sides of the aisle. happened. Bob Holden of Queens. (Photo Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“It is disturbing to see him repeatedly articulate bigotry and racism, and now is the time for him to apologize for his remarks, receive training on sensitivity and prejudice, and be more proactive in the future.” It’s time to vow to do better,” he added.

In response to the accusations, Océ cited the criminal history of Dragonetti Brothers Landscapes, saying that his comments “had nothing to do with the Italians” and “all had to do with the fact that the company has already been tainted.” I am doing,” he said.

Borelli and Holden also pointed to Osse’s history of making racist remarks about white Americans, including in public tweets, as evidence that Dragonetti’s comments weren’t a one-off. bottom. Borelli called them “patterns”.

In June 2021, Mr. Ose tweeted that “a cis white male should not be the next chairman of the council.”

“Is this white culture?” Osse tweeted in June 2019 of a white woman dancing drunk at a wedding.

Earlier this week, Mr. Ose also called the New York Police Department’s Strategic Response Group (SRG) a “rogue unit.”

“I can call the SRG a particularly badass squad because they are a particularly badass group, like that crazy party you decided to attend,” Osse tweeted. bottom.

“At least SRG stays true to themselves,” he continued. “You are not loyal to anything.”

Both Mr. Borelli and Mr. Holden are members of the Council’s Italian-American Caucus.


The Brooklyn Democratic Party did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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