Brooklyn Locals Slam Palestinian Restaurant with Antisemitic Phrase ‘From the River to the Sea’ on Menus

A new Palestinian restaurant opened in Brooklyn, New York, sparked controversy after including the phrase “From the River to the Sea” on its menu.

Bistro “Ayat” advertise 'Honest, authentic Palestinian food made with love' is defended using anti-Semitic slogans despite local residents slam According to , it was an “open genocide.” daily beast.

Restaurant owners Abdul Elenani and Ayat Masoud opened their third restaurant this month, and the menu features the words “defeat the occupation” and an illustration of a crying Palestinian woman.

“In our interpretation, it is simply the freedom and rights of the Palestinian people between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea,” Elenani said. daily beastdefend the phrase. Anti-Defamation League Designate as anti-Semitic.

“We're just against the Zionist idea of ​​'eliminate Gaza now or flatten it,'” Elenani said, adding that he didn't want any harm to come to Jews. Ta.

“Our neighbors are Jewish, our friends are Jewish, and we work with Jews all day every day,” he said.

Nevertheless, the phrase is commonly known to be used by the Islamic extremist terrorist organization Hamas and its supporters.

Late night TV host Bill Maher I made a headline Earlier this month, in a fiery monologue, he condemned the use of “River to Sea” by Palestinian supporters.

What is happening to Palestinians today is horrible. Not only in Gaza, but also in the West Bank. But wars end with negotiations. And what the media glosses over is that negotiations are difficult when the other side's negotiating position is “you all die and disappear.'' In other words, the chant “From the river to the sea?” Yes, let's look at the map.

This is the river. This is the sea. ah I see. That means you can have it all.

Even considering the social media backlash against his restaurant, Elenani still says: “We don't hate Jews. Quite the contrary. Judaism and Islam, these are the two most similar religions.”

The restaurateur also claimed that he had previously tried to explain his position on Facebook, but his comments were deleted for being “blatantly political”.

Elenani wanted to elaborate further on two key elements of her brand, saying: “Firstly, I always mention the occupation of Palestinians. And secondly, we will always continue to advocate for peace.”

Inside his restaurant in Brooklyn, Palestinian flags cover the walls along with photos of people wearing traditional Palestinian clothing.

The Brooklyn restaurant also features murals depicting Palestinian children trapped behind bars and Israeli Defense Force soldiers holding down a crying Palestinian woman at gunpoint.

Local residents continue to criticize the controversial language and imagery, with resident Daria Schweitzer likening the use of the phrase “River to Sea” to support for the Confederacy.

“They know what they're doing because they're poking a hornet's nest,” she said. daily beast.

“The best analogy I can think of is [of] If you see a Confederate flag on the menu at a restaurant that serves Southern food, and you try to interpret that as, “Oh, this is just Southern pride.” And it's like, you know, 'Don't be shy.' ”

While some Brooklyn locals have criticized the restaurant, others, including Lisa Javaherikia, say the owner “has the right to say what he wants, and I have no choice but to go or not go.” have the right to do so.”

Elenani said his business has been inundated with negative reviews and “constant” threatening voicemails since the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas.

“Conflict is always there” the restaurant owner said Go to NY1. “But every time there's a rebellion, it's a reminder that people need to fight each other.”



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