Brooklyn playgrounds littered with drug paraphernalia: parents

Brooklyn parents say crack cocaine pipes and colorful “trash can” vials containing fentanyl and heroin are found in several parks and playgrounds in Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy and other neighborhoods. It is said to be full of used drug paraphernalia.

“I’m finding them all over the place: Crispus Attucks Playground, Hattie Carthan Playground, Herbert Von King Park, Jesse Owens Playground, Brower Park,” one outraged mother told The Post on Wednesday.

A group of parents recently spent seven days clearing out more than 100 pieces of drug paraphernalia at Crispus Attucks in Clinton Hill, according to a 40-year-old Crown Heights homeowner.

“My daughter was given a container of fentanyl.” [from a playground] From another classmate,” said the artist’s mother, whose daughter’s school uses the Hattie Carthan Playground in Bed-Stuy. “It’s very scary for kids to come home with containers of fentanyl.

“Our school has created a group of parents who clean the school grounds every morning before school,” she added. “Because the city cut funding for parks and recreation, our principal bought his own master lock to lock the playground for a while. In many cases, toilets are full of human waste and children are unable to play in the playground during the school day.”

A small sample of the depleted pill bottle, known as a “trash can,” was discovered Wednesday at Hattie Carthan Playground in Bed-Stuy.
Stefano Giovannini

The Post was interviewing a mother at the playground connected to PS 305 when her young daughter found a “container of fentanyl” behind one of the park benches. When I asked her daughter where containers of fentanyl were regularly found, she knew exactly which bench to go to…”

Like the other parents in this story, she requested anonymity for fear of retaliation.

Parents say suspected drug users and dealers regularly operate at Hattie Carthan Playground and leave behind unmistakable evidence.

A discarded drug bottle was found in the leaves at Hattie Carthan Playground. There, suspected dealers are using public spaces as “drug dens,” worried Brooklyn parents told the Post.
Stefano Giovannini

“It’s a common sight for children to see fentanyl trash cans and crack pipes and people actively using it,” the mother of a 2-year-old son told the Post. He called Madison Street between Marcy Streets a “massive drug market.”

“Sellers are using Hattie Karsan’s playground as a drug store, and students regularly commute to school in this block,” added the 39-year-old educator. “I have completely stopped going to Hattie Carthan or John Hancock, which is very sad because those playgrounds are affiliated with schools and are in the worst condition.”

The mother praised authorities for indicting the six suspects on October 4. Operation of open-air drug market It’s near Putnam and Nostrand streets, but children say it’s still not safe.

Jack Maher of Bed-Stuy said he has noticed a significant increase in drug paraphernalia at local parks and playgrounds where he takes his young daughter to play.
Stefano Giovannini

“It doesn’t feel like anything has changed in this area,” she told the Post.

Jack Maher, who was at Crispus Attucks with his infant daughter Leah, said he has noticed a spike in abandoned drug paraphernalia over the past year.

“I’m very concerned, especially for young children, that children are playing in the park and picking up things that could be very dangerous. So I’m very concerned that people are hearing about this issue. I hope they take action. This is a topic that comes up a lot.”

Hattie Carthan Playground is adjacent to PS 305.
Stefano Giovannini

Several disgruntled Bed-Stuy residents called for action Tuesday at a Building the Block rally hosted by the NYPD at the 79th Precinct, but one 33-year-old software engineer who lives in the area expressed his frustration. I walked away feeling it.

“Their response to our questions was to ask all of us to call them directly and always report crimes,” said the engineer, a mother of a 2-year-old son. “They have not proposed any real strategies to solve the playground drug problem or reduce the rampant daytime drug trade. They are putting the onus on the public to solve the problem. Only.”

A Department of Parks and Recreation spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment. The newspaper also contacted the New York City Police Department.

The call to action comes after the private Brooklyn Waldorf School in Bed-Stuy notified parents that a student had discovered a “full fentanyl capsule” during a class visit to the nearby Crispus Attucks Playground. This was done a few weeks after I sent it.

Public and private schools and daycare centers regularly use the affected parks and playgrounds.

“We’ve had hundreds of 311 and 911 complaints,” said a mother whose 3-year-old son attends a private school in Bed-Stuy. “They’re openly selling drugs, they’re openly doing drugs. That’s just an important issue.

Another drug bottle at Hattie Carthan Playground.
Stefano Giovannini
Brooklyn Waldorf School recently notified parents about a “full fentanyl capsule” found by a student at Crispus Attucks Playground in Clinton Hill.
Stefano Giovannini

“I mean, listen, we still go to the park. Our kids can’t afford not to go to the park,” said the mother, who works in sales. “We are working diligently to find a solution.”

Drug arrests in Brooklyn’s 79th Precinct, which includes parts of Bed-Stuy and Herbert Von King Park, increased 27% this year through Sunday compared to the same period in 2022, according to NYPD data. did.

The increase in recent weeks has been even more dramatic, with a 160% jump over the past 28 days, according to statistics obtained by The Post.

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