BT Tower to become hotel as London landmark sold for £275m | BT

The BT Tower will be converted into a luxury hotel after the British telecom company agreed to sell the London landmark to the owner of New York’s most famous accommodation for £275 million. .

The deal with MCR Hotels will allow BT Group to build a Grade II listed building, given that the evolution to fixed and mobile networks means it no longer relies on towers to transmit microwave signals from London to the rest of the UK. will be preserved for the future.

The transformation of the Fitzrovia site in London will take time. BT Group said vacating the tower would take years due to the scale and complexity of removing the technical equipment.

The transition period will give MCR, which operates about 150 hotels in the U.S., including the High Line Hotel in New York and the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport, time to develop design plans and engage with local communities before submitting a final proposal. He said that it would be possible. suggestion.

The 177-meter-tall tower, which extends to a height of 189 meters on aerial rigging, has been part of London’s skyline for decades, having been formally completed in 1965 by then Prime Minister Harold Wilson. I’m here.

As news of the transformation breaks, we want to hear from people who have visited BT Tower.

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Designed by architects Eric Bedford and GR Yeats and commissioned by the General Post Office, the tower served as the main hub of Britain’s communications network. There was also a revolving restaurant on the top floor that was open to the public and rotated every 23 minutes, offering his 360-degree view of the city. The restaurant closed briefly after a bomb exploded in the men’s restroom on Halloween night in 1971, and permanently closed in 1981.

BT Group has since used the top floor for corporate and charity events, and its ‘Infoband’ screens regularly display messages across London. The tower remained the tallest building until it was overtaken by the NatWest Tower in 1980, but with BT’s switch to fixed and digital networks, the tower’s microwave antenna was built more than a decade before its arrival. It was removed.

The sale of the building is part of BT Group’s cost-cutting plans, which have already seen the number of offices reduced from more than 300 to 30. This included the sale of its former headquarters, the BT Center, for £210m in 2019. The company has since moved to a new base in Aldgate, east London.

Brent Matthews, property director at BT Group, said: “BT Tower is located in the heart of London and we are very proud that he has been the owner of this important landmark since 1984.”

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“While it has played an important role in carrying the nation’s calls, messages and television signals, it is increasingly delivering content and communications through other means. With this agreement with MCR, BT Tower will have a new purpose, allowing us to preserve this iconic building for decades to come.”

MCR CEO Tyler Morse said he felt there were many similarities between BT Tower and its JFK TWA hotel. The hotel is a reimagining of the landmark Flight Center built in 1962 by Finnish-American designer Eero Saarinen, which won an American architecture award. Institute of Architects.

“It was a privilege to repurpose the TWA Flight Center, which will become BT Tower, for future generations,” said Morse.



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