‘Buttcheek Hit Inbounds’: NFL Referee Doesn’t Give A Single Damn And Gets Straight To The Point

I don’t usually like referees, but this guy is a little G.

NFL fans often feel confused when there is a debate about what qualifies as a “catch” on the Shield. Also, when a question arises during a match, the referees do not help at all. Until Sunday.

During the game between the Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams, referee Jon Hussey kept it absolutely real and explained to everyone why the Browns were wide receivers. Elijah Moore He completed a long pass against the Rams. (Related article: What! NFL sideline official suffers severe leg injury after being punched by Saints’ Alvin Kamara)

Cleveland quarterback in the first half Joe Flacco He threw a bomb down the sideline, eventually hitting Moore. The play was ruled a catch by the referees, but Los Angeles head coach Sean McVay disagreed with the Zebras and decided to contest the play.

It was a pretty close call, but it looks like Moore actually landed the back (yes, back) inbound before the rest of his body flew out of bounds. Oh, excuse me, in Hussie’s words, “butt.”


Oh, and that wasn’t the only unique thing about this game. There were also things like:

But I would like to thank John Hussey, one of the few… very There are a few…cool referees in the NFL.

Thank you for your service (and transparency).



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