Caitlin Clark mocks comedian on Saturday Night Live over ‘sexist jokes’ about women’s sports

Women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark is known for making shots on the basketball court. On Saturday, she made shots of a different kind on the set of Saturday Night Live

Less than a week after ending her college basketball career at the University of Iowa as one of the most celebrated athletes in women’s college basketball history, Caitlin Clark appeared on the “Weekend Update” segment of the comedy sketch show. She mocked and ridiculued host Michael Che for many of his previous comments regarding women’s sports. 

“The University of Iowa announced that basketball star Caitlin Clark will have her jersey retired – and replaced with an apron,” Che quipped.

The joke drew some jeers from the crowd. Then, Che introduced Caitlin Clark for an opportunity to make some comedy of her own.

“Well, the WNBA draft is this Monday, and Iowa star Caitlin Clark is expected to be the No. 1 pick. Here to comment, is Caitlin Clark.”

The audience applauded loudly and cheered Clark’s introduction on the skit.

“Hey Michael, thanks for having me,” Clark said.

“But nothing for my joke, whatever,” Che asked the audience sarcastically. “I am a fan, Caitlin, by the way.”

“Really, Michael?” Clark asked. “Because I heard that little apron joke you did.”

“Yeah, it was a joke,” Che replied. “We’re just having fun.” 

“You make a lot of jokes about women’s sports, don’t you, Michael?” Clark asked.

There were a few more exchanges between Che and Clark. Then, the basketball phenom started telling a few jokes of her own. 

“I did write some jokes,” Clark said. “And it would mean a lot to me if you read some of them. Just right over there, on the cards.”

Che complied.

“The Indiana Fever have the first pick in this Monday’s draft,” Che read off the cue cards. “A reminder that Indiana Fever is a WNBA team, and not what Michael Che gave to dozens of women at Purdue University.”

“See,” Clark said. “Now, that’s a good joke about women’s sports. Try another one.”

Che continued.

“Netflix’s top new show is ‘Ripley,’ featuring an eerie and unsettling performance by actor Andrew Scott,” Che read. “Critics say it’s the hardest thing to watch on Netflix since Michael Che’s special ‘Shame the Devil.’”

“I like that one,” Clark said. “There’s more.”

Che continued and read the last of Clark’s jokes.

“This year, Caitlin Clark broke the record for three-pointers in a single season, and I have three pointers for Michael Che,” he said. “One, ‘Be.’ Two, ‘funnier.’ Three, ‘dumb***.’”

The Saturday Night Live audience yelled and cheered in approval. 

“Wow. Thanks for doing that, Michael,” Clark said.

“Yeah, no problem,” Che said. “And good luck in the WNBA. I hope you have a great first season.”

“Thanks,” Clark replied. “I’m sure it will be a big first step for me. But it’s just one step for the WNBA thanks to all the great players, like Sheryl Swoopes, Lisa Leslie, Cynthia Cooper, the great Dawn Staley, and my basketball hero, Maya Moore.”

“These are the women that kicked down the door, so I could walk inside,” Clark said. “So, I want to thank them tonight for laying down the foundation.” 

Clark ended the skit by giving Che a parting gift.

“And Michael, since you’re such a big fan, I brought you a souvenir,” Clark said.

“It’s an apron, signed by me.”


Clark concluded her college career by becoming the all-time leader in points scored in NCAA women’s basketball history and setting many other records. She is considered one of the best female collegiate basketball players ever. 

The WNBA’s draft is on Monday night, and Clark is expected to be selected by the Indiana Fever as the first overall pick.  

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