California cops give Narcan to dog they say overdosed on fentanyl

Police in Southern California have released body camera footage showing an officer giving a puppy Narcan and overdosing while protecting two people arrested for drug possession.

Caleb Aaron Gibson, 29, of San Juan Capistrano, and Katherine Marylou Menke, 27, of Santa Ana, were arrested at Walmart on the morning of September 6, Irvine Police say. Announced on Facebook.

“The puppy in the vehicle was exposed to fentanyl and began to show signs of overdose,” the post said.

Officers immediately administered naloxone, an overdose prevention drug known as Narcan, to the dog. It can be administered as a nasal spray or injected into a muscle or vein, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. “It has no effect on people who don’t have opioids in their body.” The NIDA website says:

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Irvine police have released photos of a puppy recovering after being given Narcan. (Irvine Police Department)

The puppy was then taken to an emergency veterinarian for treatment. She has made a full recovery and an animal rescue organization plans to adopt her.

agents throughout the United States, Missouri Veterinary Medical Association; They have worked to provide education on how Narcan can be used in dogs and cats to reverse the effects of opiates.

Common signs of opioid overdose include loss of consciousness, small pupils, weak heartbeat, inability to speak, pale skin, and vomiting, NIDA said.

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Irvine Police Department Officer Gives Narcan to Puppy, Claims Overdose

Irvine Police Department officers say they saw signs of an overdose the moment they administered Narcan to a puppy exposed to fentanyl. (Irvine Police Department)

Officers hold up a puppy after administering Narcan

An Irvine police officer holds a puppy he says he saved from an overdose by administering Narcan. (Irvine Police Department / LOCAL NEWS X /TMX)

Police asked the district attorney to charge Gibson and Menke with felony animal cruelty and drug possession charges.

A Facebook account bearing Gibson’s name commented on Irvine PD’s post and gave a completely different version of what happened.

The comment said the dog tested negative for fentanyl and that “whatever happened to her happened two hours after she was taken into custody.” The comments claim:[t]The officer found and handled the drugs, then had the puppy bite his finger. ”


An Irvine PD spokesperson told FOX News Digital that the department is aware that “Mr. Gibson provided his perspective on the incident on his FB page,” but that due to the ongoing investigation, “Mr. I will not comment on his remarks.”

“Once the investigation is complete, the case will be submitted to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office,” the spokesperson said.

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