California mom claims Democrats ‘trying to legislate First Amendment out of existence’ with school bill

California mother says Democrats are trying to “make it out of existence” with a new bill that could punish parents accused of harassing public officials at a school board meeting I am concerned that

SB 596 extends the following conditions: prohibited by current law Parents no longer interfere with classroom or extracurricular activities attended by school staff, but now include off-campus activities attended by staff, such as school board meetings.

Placer County Moms for Liberty Chairman Nicole Young told Fox News Digital that parents who had protested the bill included sexually explicit content in the district’s curriculum. said it was created in response to and was intended to silence parental voices.

“The 596 bill was written because there were many parents in the senator’s constituency who wrote the bill who objected to sexually explicit content in the curriculum,” she said. “So one way the senators decided to fight back was [to] Enact a law that nullifies our First Amendment. ”

Critics Warn School Officials Defending California Bill Will Punish Parents for Speaking at Board

A parent’s rights advocate holds a placard during the Chino Valley Unified School District board meeting at Don Lugo High School in Chino on Thursday night, July 20, 2023. (Will Lester/MediaNews Group/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, Getty Images)

“The bill aims to silence parents’ concerns and anxieties about the curriculum, activities in schools, and teachers’ ability to impose their views instead of objectivity. “It’s framed as a way to protect teachers and school board members, but in reality it will be used as a club to silence parents,” Young argued.

The leader of the Moms for Liberty chapter said earlier this year that an LGBTQ support group for children in Placer County ““Landing Point” I was doing a fundraiser for a drag show on my school campus. Young said the school did not openly explain what the fundraiser was about to parents, and learned the details through an official document request.

“So a lot of parents were really furious,” she recalled, saying that parents of all races, religions and backgrounds came together to protest the event.

“There was a group of Armenian and Muslim parents who were against the bill…it was framed as white, Christian and nationalist. [but] We had parents of all races and religious backgrounds,” she said.

A representative for The Landing Spot did not respond to a request for comment.

Newly amended California bill could punish parents for refusing to ‘affirm’ their child’s gender identity

Parents protesting in Maryland

Young said Muslim parents also protested the drug event. (Asura Normani)

Young stressed the importance of having “safe spaces” on campus for LGBTQ youth, but said this was not a safe event for children. “[No kids] It’s only natural to be preyed upon by the adults watching [them] I dance burlesque style for the money,” she insisted.

Parents didn’t want to ban groups or events, but they wanted the option to opt their children out, but “it wasn’t offered to students,” she says.

Young said these protests inspired the drafting of SB596. If a parent is found guilty of harassing a school official, they can be charged with a misdemeanor and face fines of $500 to $1,000 and up to one year in prison.

The bill defines ‘harassment’ as ‘a deliberate act directed at a specific person to cause serious alarm, distress, or terror without a legitimate purpose’. It added that the harassment could be nothing more than “two or more acts committed over a period of time, even if short, that demonstrate a continuity of purpose.”

Young said SB 596’s language is too vague about what harassment is, leaving parents vulnerable. She questioned whether it would be against the bill for parents to email their child’s principal with questions or to speak out at school board meetings about issues of high profile.

Proposed California bill would fine school districts for banning books with ‘holistic and diverse perspectives’

Chico California School Board Meeting

Chico California School Board Meeting (Chico Unified School District)

But Democratic State Senator Anthony J. Portantino, who sponsored SB596, defended the bill in a statement to Fox News Digital. He stressed that this is intended to protect school staff from harassment and “does not violate free speech or interfere with parental involvement in public education.” He said the bill exempts “all forms of protected free speech.”

But Young believes the exemption makes no sense.

“I have lived in California all my life. … So in my opinion, Senator Portantino is incredibly dishonest, he knows exactly what he’s doing,” she said.

Young called on parents to take courage and understand that they are not alone.

I think more parents need to have courage. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your children. Our country’s future depends on it. And if you think about it, the future of our country depends on us,” she said.

Parents at a school board meeting in Ashburn, Virginia.

The president of Moms for Freedom chapter called on parents to act courageously in the face of resistance. (Reuters/Evelyn Hochstein)


“We can’t just flip over and think this is the way it is, and we can’t leave the state. I know it’s really tempting, too. But stay here and be respectful.” Stand your ground and understand that they can’t cancel us all,” she said. “They can’t shut us all up.”

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