California ski resort’s plan to erect Virgin Mary statue ignites fury among locals: ‘Keep religion out’

A rural California ski resort's plan to install a 20-foot-tall statue of the Virgin Mary has outraged some people, who say it disrespects the region's rich Native American history. Rebelling against symbols.

“Putting the Virgin Mary on a ski resort makes no sense. Keep religion out of skiing,” one critic wrote, echoing the complaints of several other critics.

“As a lifelong skier in this park and mountain that holds a dear place in the hearts of many, I am deeply disappointed in the choice to erect a giant statue of the Virgin Mary…” another said. Said. “Mount Shasta Ski Park, it's a shame to desecrate this beautiful, powerful and spiritual place…”

Third, it capitalizes on concerns that the move disrespects the region's history steeped in Native American culture.

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Mount Shasta looms in the background and skiers are in the foreground. (Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“Are you kidding?” they wrote, adding in part, “Given the deep Native American history of this area and the long and mysterious Lemurian beliefs, it would be a shame to add this statue!!” Ta.

In the same vein, one commenter wrote, “Maybe we'll build a statue to honor the indigenous people who were killed by their religion, who were there long before you owned this mountain.”

Critics also started online petition They are calling for a “cease and desist” to be built on the statue, saying it “could alienate” members of a “diverse community” who do not share the same Christian beliefs as the resort's owners.

The petition also asked the U.S. Forest Service, “for which the ski park has a permit,” to “insist that Mount Shasta Ski Park stop the project.”

A post on the park's Facebook page said the statue was created by owner Robin Merlo and her late husband, who passed away in 2020, three years after purchasing the park, the Los Angeles Times reported. It is explained that this has been Ray's long-standing goal.

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virgin mary statue

A statue of the Virgin Mary is seen in the middle of the roadside in Saseen Square in Beirut, Lebanon, on June 22, 2023. Local residents near Mount Shasta Ski Park criticized plans to erect a statue of the Virgin Mary at the resort. (Kaveh Kazemi/Getty Images)

“In the words of Robin Merlo, this statue is a promise fulfilled and a true expression of the dedication to family that we all hold so dear here at the ski park,” the post said. has been written. “The goal is not to focus on any particular religion, but to recognize and celebrate the beauty and spiritual power of the mountains we all love.”

Critics of the decision also accused the resort of restricting comments on social media posts and failing to address the anger plaguing members of the community.

However, while not all commenters were critical of the statue or the resort, some said they were “touched” and wrote, “Please pull yourself together and continue with your plans. This world and especially this We need more religion in the state,” another added. . ”

“It's your property, I think it's a great idea.” [and] I can’t wait to see it,” wrote another, while another wrote, “I’m an atheist and I admire you for sticking to your beliefs.”

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skier climbing the snowy slope

Some skiers took to social media to voice their opposition to plans to build a religious statue at the resort. (St. Petersburg)

The resort has not mentioned any plans to reorient the statue.

The project itself is expected to be completed next summer atop Douglas Butte on Mount Shasta, with the platform expected to be visible this season.

Fox News Digital reached out to Mount Shasta Ski Park via email for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

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