California teen suffers serious injuries from school beatdown: video

A parent claims her 16-year-old daughter suffered serious facial injuries during a bathroom brawl at a California high school, but the incident was witnessed by a security guard who said she was “on the sidelines”. , he smiled and did nothing.”

The Oct. 18 incident shows a senior at Baldwin Park High School being filmed being grabbed by the 16-year-old’s long brunette hair and brutally punched in the face by her alleged assailant, also a female student. The video has become a hot topic.

The video also captured footage of a school security guard standing behind students gathered at the entrance to the girls’ restroom and appearing to smile.

The short video did not show the male security guard breaking up the fight, but did not include the entire incident or its aftermath.

Attorney Brian Claypool, who represents the victims and their families, argued that a security guard named “Mando” may have even been involved in the incident.

Parents say their 16-year-old daughter suffered serious facial injuries during a bathroom brawl at a California high school during which security guards allegedly did nothing to stop the fight.
brian claypool
The unidentified high school security guard was seen smiling and “just standing there” while two teenage girls continued to fight inside the girls’ bathroom, police said.

“It’s hard to believe this wasn’t planned because all the students went straight to the bathroom at 1 p.m.,” Claypool told the Post.

“In my opinion, the security guard should have known because that was his area and both the boy and the girl were watching this fight in that bathroom while the security guard was standing behind him.

“All these facts suggest that this was probably a pre-organised, planned attack and that security personnel assisted and facilitated the execution of the attack.”

Claypool said the victim’s mother called police and when she showed up on campus, the principal told her he had no knowledge of the fight. They also claim school officials did not provide any medical treatment to the girl who was beaten.

Students at Baldwin High School stood in the doorway and cheered as the argument between the two girls escalated.

Claypool is suing the school district for damages, which she said is the first step before filing a lawsuit against the public entity.

In response to an interview with the Post, Baldwin Park Unified School District said: “Student safety is the district’s top priority. We cannot comment further on potential litigation.”

Claypool said the district has up to 60 days to respond to the complaint before the family can file a lawsuit.

Claypool, who has handled other bullying cases in California, told the Post that his teenage client may have suffered a broken nose or other injuries. The girl’s mother removed her from Baldwin Park High School and she is currently being educated at her home as the girl is mentally traumatized.

The family filed a complaint with the Baldwin Hills Police Department.

In the attack, which was captured on video, 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis lost his life trying to protect a classmate from a bully. Two weeks later, his father is still waiting for someone to be arrested.
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The anonymous teenage assailant is seen throwing punches at the victim.
brian claypool

“She will be dealing with this trauma for the rest of her life,” the lawyer said of her teenage client.

Claypool said he urged Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón to reconsider the incident to determine whether the security guard should also face criminal charges.

“The fact that he just stood there and did absolutely nothing should be viewed as aiding and abetting the crime of another person,” Claypool said. “He is alleged to have assisted the other girl in committing this assault and battery and is also responsible for carrying out the crime.”

The Baldwin Park incident is one of the most alarming incidents of serious school fights resulting in serious injuries to students across the country.

Last week, a 17-year-old Las Vegas boy died defending his “little” friend who was brutally attacked by a mob of 15 students at Rancho High School.

Video footage of the November 1 Las Vegas attack Jonathan Lewis was shown being violently punched and kicked. Meanwhile, the attackers threw the small student into a trash can.

Police found Lewis bleeding from the head. He was placed on life support at University Medical Center and later died less than two weeks after the fatal scuffle.



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