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Camels at Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park escape: video

Two camels were seen on video making a spectacular escape at a rollercoaster park on Tuesday, escaping their enclosure and roaming free.

The incident happened at Cedar Point, an amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, on June 11. Footage of the incident shows the camel trotting down the park’s sidewalks.

“That guy was gonna die,” an adult man can be heard saying off-camera.

“Here comes the camel!” one child laughed.

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A video shows two camels roaming the grounds of Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. (Getty Images/Justin Garcia via Storyful)

“How did they get out? They’re all jumping around in that enclosure over there,” an adult said.

Participant Justin Garcia told Storyful he noticed the large animals after getting off the ride.

Garcia, who was visiting the amusement park with his family, said the group was nearly run over by a camel.

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“We were nearly trampled by two large mammals,” Garcia told Storyful. “We stood back and watched the aftermath of what could have been a very dangerous situation.”

A split image of camels roaming

Footage of the two fleeing camels has amused some social media users and concerned others. (Justin Garcia via Storyful)

It is unclear how the camel managed to escape, but park spokesman Tony Clark told 3News that no visitors were injured in the incident.

“[The camels] “He decided to take an unplanned walk just outside his home at The Barnyard, a ‘petting zoo’ area on Frontier Trail, but was quickly taken back,” he said.

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On social media, some locals made light of the unusual footage.

“Looks like he’s gearing up for Wednesday!” one Facebook user joked.

Wide shot of camels in the park

It’s unclear why the camels escaped from their enclosure at Cedar Point. (Justin Garcia via Storyful)

“This is my favorite post of the year!!!” another wrote.

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Other Ohio residents were also concerned by the video.

“This is not a weird situation at all,” one person wrote.

“Poor scared people,” commented another Facebook user.

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Fox News Digital has reached out to Cedar Point for comment.