Can you find the five carrots hidden among the squirrels?

Can you crack this winter-themed brain teaser?

Gergely Dudas, a graphic artist from Dresden, Germany, shared with Fox News Digital a visual puzzle in which five carrots are hidden among a crowd of surrounding squirrels.

Carrots blend with orange squirrels and surround five snowmen. Each of those snowmen has one thing missing. It’s a carrot nose.

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How fast can you find it?

Graphic artist Gergely Dudás designed a hidden object puzzle featuring five carrots for five noseless snowmen. How fast can you find all five? (Gergely Dudas)

Last winter, Dudas posted footage of the search on his social media pages, letting his followers know if they had made any discoveries. Solve the puzzle.

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“That was so hard! It took me so long to find it!” one social media user commented.

A certain number of users seemed to find this a challenging teaser, with some admitting to giving up after only finding a few.

One user commented: “I’ve only found two carrots so far, but I love the snowman with the squirrel on his head, and they’re both looking for it with their arms.”

“And I love when the squirrel gives the acorn to the snowman.”

“There are only four, one [snowman] I can’t breathe! ” joked another user.

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Dudas is cartoonists and artists. He has published numerous picture books, including “Bear’s Springtime Book of Hidden Things” and “Bear’s Merry Book of Hidden Things: Christmas Seek-and-Find: A Christmas Holiday Book for Kids,” perfect for the holiday season.

Gergely Dudas mugshot

Gergely Dudas, a graphic artist from Dresden, Germany, released a hidden object puzzle to Fox News Digital. (Gergely Dudas)

Dudas Search and find artwork Brain teasers are also incorporated into miniature prints and other products.

He shares other brain teasers and math puzzles with his thousands of loyal followers on his social media accounts.


Need help identifying the 5 hidden carrots?

Check the answer on the artist’s website:

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