Candace Owens is wrong: Victoria’s Secret is nothing to celebrate

This week on her hugely popular podcast, Candace Owens took time to: celebrate Victoria's Secret is “bringing back the sexiness.” Body positivity marketing strategies are running out of steam, and Victoria's Secret, which has invested in woke aesthetics, is running out of money.

Therefore, the company is “returning to sexy girls'' with aspirational personalities that “make you want to buy what they sell.'' Owens agrees. She is “glad they learned their lesson” and looks forward to “seeing attractive girls replacing unattractive girls” in Victoria's Secret fashion shows and catalogues. ing.

Sure, sex sells. And sex has been completely commodified and the human body has been twisted and abused for psychological manipulation.

the important thing is, steelman discussion More than mere rhetoric, beauty and excellence are tangible products. The beauty of the foreground is important. Foregrounding ugliness by pretending that objective beauty is not real is an insult to good taste, not to mention reality itself.

The Global Ugliness Campaign is also real, an evil that aims to degrade the human spirit by depriving people of beauty, at least according to their view, and that the process has deeper moral and metaphysical implications. It is a process that dulls our connection to truth. roger scruton.

Popular conservatism tends to view wokeness as an emerging beast Former Nihiro From perhaps the perfect cultural moment of the 1990s and early 2000s. In reality, awakening is a kind of atheism expressed by the German Dadaists of the World War I era, intellectualized by the sexologists of Weimar Berlin, and practiced by the world-building Bauhaus architects. is the aesthetic and ideological offspring of nihilism. We now know that they are informed by their ideological and aesthetic cognates.

With such a short memory, it is hard to imagine that the cultural moment that conservatives feel they are currently defending is the fruit of the same corrupt tree that their enemies are freely feeding on.

Victoria's Secret's main business is not beauty. ah beauty. Instead, consider the world-historic role Victoria's Secret has played in transmitting the philosophy of the sexual revolution to the girl next door. The hot girl only had to drink a spoonful of sugar to help the medication wear off. The inferences the audience is trying to draw from these images are ungodly, to say the least.

Owens, a highly effective spokesperson for modern conservative thought, missed the forest for the trees. If we believe the term means anything, how can a conservative movement defend a vulgar brand of public display of women in near-nude? Is it the infusion of pornographic motifs into the public consciousness through unscrupulously manipulated marketing? The moral good that comes from beauty enhancement is undermined by lewdness.

Sure, sex sells. Sex was thus completely commodified, the human body twisted and abused for psychological manipulation, and a glorious image of moral depravity projected onto the public square, fully visible to children.

Some of us still find it tragic.



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