Capitol Police Were Surveilling The Pelosi Home – But Didn’t Notice The Break-In

U.S. Capitol Police were not monitoring their cameras focused on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s house when an attacker broke in and assaulted her husband Paul, sources told The Washington Post.

A Capitol Police officer at the agency’s Washington command center noticed flashing police lights outside the house Friday morning while looking through camera feeds within its jurisdiction, sources said, according to the outlet. The officer subsequently viewed other camera angles showing the house and tape of the scene shortly before, seeing that a hammer-wielding man had broken glass and gone inside.

It was not immediately certain whether someone should have been monitoring the Capitol Police cameras outside the house when the break-in occurred, according to ABC News. The Speaker was in Washington at the time with her protective detail, the agency said.

A neighbor claimed the Pelosi’s house has a private security system meant to alert the San Francisco Police Department and Capitol Police, but the Capitol Police never got a notification from the security company Friday, according to the Post. Whether the security system was active when the break-in occurred is unclear. (RELATED: Suspect In Pelosi Attack Was ‘Mentally Ill’, Struggled With Drugs And Homelessness, Ex-Girlfriend Says)

Alleged perpetrator David DePape pleaded not guilty to state-level charges Tuesday, CNN reported, including attempted murder, false imprisonment and threatening the life of or serious bodily harm to a public official. DePape also faces federal assault and attempted kidnapping charges involving a U.S. official, which could result in up to 50 years in prison.

The U.S. Capitol Police did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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