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Carlos Curbelo Says Trump Made ‘Very Rational Decision’ Not To Debate

Former Republican Rep. Carlos Curbero said on Monday that former President Donald Trump made a “very rational decision” not to attend the Republican primary debate on Wednesday.

Trump confirmed in a post on Truth Social on Sunday that he plans to miss all of the 2024 Republican preliminary debates.

“The people know who I am and how successful I have been in the presidency with energy independence, strong borders and military strength, the biggest tax cuts and regulation cuts in history, zero inflation, the strongest economy ever. I know, therefore I will not participate in the debate!”

MSNBC’s Ana Cabrera asked Curbero about Trump’s decision.

“I mean, Trump is not going to be in this debate because he believes what you are saying is true and he is the key to this issue. will take the stage with others trying to catch up? Sources say he may miss the next debate after this one, and possibly beyond. But Congressman, do you think President Trump’s omission of the debate was a wise decision? asked Cabrera.

“Anna, politically speaking, Donald Trump actually makes very rational decisions when it comes to this debate. , sometimes there were first-order dissenters.They were very low in the polls.They had a big lead.I put them on the debate stage and gave them a chance to become more famous. I didn’t want to attack or maybe attack me, and that’s what Donald Trump is doing here,” Carvelo explained.

“He’s got a very big lead in that this decision is actually politically justified, and it makes a lot of sense. It wouldn’t make much sense to give a candidate such as DeSantis the chance to thrash him in front of a large national audience, as you know, in a Republican primary. Considering his position as the obvious frontrunner in this race, Donald Trump is making the right decision for his campaign at this point.”

According to The New York Times, President Trump is reportedly planning to meet with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson during the preliminary debate. Trump holds a double-digit lead in the polls over his closest rivals despite four indictments.

Trump told Fox News’ Brett Byer in June that he liked the debate, but there was no reason to give up his lead in the polls.

“Why would you allow the 1%, 2%, 0% of people to bombard me with questions all night long?” Trump said. (Related: Trump shouldn’t have a debate, but we want him to have one anyway)

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