80% of Americans are dealing with a cost of living creep

Many Americans are struggling to save money or pay off debt due to the rising cost of living. (iStock) The cost of living is rising and most Americans are feeling the pressure. A staggering 80% of Americans have experienced an increase in the cost of living in the past few years. Credit Karma Survey found. […]

Americans are saving more for retirement, but they’re nowhere near the ‘magic number’

Barron’s Roundtable discusses reports that Gen Z is actively seeking retirement. Americans are saving more money for retirement than ever before, but they’re still nowhere near the “magic number” needed to retire comfortably. The average balance is Employer contributions to retirement benefits Plans for 2023 rose to $134,128, a 19% increase from last year. data […]

Top 10 cities where renters pay more than homeowners – and where they pay less

In California cities, it often costs more to buy than to rent, and in Florida cities, it often costs more to buy than to rent. (iStock) Mortgage and rental costs vary across the country, with some areas paying astronomical rents while others face high monthly mortgage payments. For example, in some Bay Area cities, owning […]

Many consumers stay with their banks for years unless persuaded by other bank incentives

Nearly half of consumers would switch banks if another bank offered better offers. (iStock) While consumers tend to stick with their banks, some are reluctant to turn down the incentives offered by online-only banks. Vericast Survey They said they’ve been with the same bank for longer than their current relationships. Customers appear to stick with […]

Mortgage rates drop for third week in a row, but home buyers remain reluctant

Mortgage rates may be falling, but buyers aren’t convinced now is the right time to buy. (iStock ) There’s good news and bad news about mortgage rates this week. The good news is that rates continue their gradual downward trend, with a 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaging 6.87%. Freddie Mac is. While this is encouraging, […]

Most student loan borrowers will struggle to pay at some point: survey

Recent research suggests that paying off student loans can boost your credit but hurt your health. (iStock) Only 33% have made regular payments on their student loans since they reopened in October, and about half are considering using income-contingent repayment plans or seeking full forgiveness, Civic Science reported. investigation. Student loan repayments increased again last […]

Forecasters project active hurricane season as homeowners remain unprepared for damages

Recent studies have shown that securing openings in your home, especially your garage, can help protect your home from serious damage caused by hurricanes. (iStock) A recent survey shows that while homeowners can take steps to prepare for hurricane damage, many still need to do so. According to the Federal Alliance for Safe Housing (FLASH), […]

Rhode Island has the highest car accident costs, here are the other states with high costs

Rhode Island has the highest auto accident costs, followed by Georgia and Connecticut. (iStock) The costs associated with owning a car are steadily increasing, from rising insurance premiums to rising repair costs. Car accidents often lead to higher insurance premiums and costly repairs. Rhode Island currently has the highest car crash costs in the country […]