Zombie Fungus: Fungal pandemic can turn humans into zombies? | World News | WION – WION

Zombie Fungus: Fungal pandemic can turn humans into zombies? | World News | WION  WION The Last of Us: Could a fungal pandemic turn us all into zombies?  BBC TV’s biggest villain is an apocalyptic, brain-eating fungus. How real is the science?  Sydney Morning Herald Superfungus like brain-controlling bug in The Last Of Us could pose next global […]

More Thankful, Less Stressed? – Neuroscience News

Summary: The state of gratitude lowers systolic blood pressure response through stress-testing experiences, demonstrating that gratitude has a unique buffering effect against both reactions to and recovery from psychological stress. Source: BIAL Foundation Researchers from Irish universities carried out a study with 68 adults and found that gratitude has a unique stress-buffering effect on both […]

Autistic individuals may look to video games as a way to cope with negative affect and autistic burnout

A recent study uncovered why so many individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum conditions are fond of video games as a pastime. The new findings suggests that individuals with autism spectrum conditions may play video games for escapism, specifically self-suppression escapism when experiencing negative moods and self-expansion escapism when experiencing positive moods. The study, which appears […]

How babies refusing bottles and only wanting to breastfeed affects moms

Comment on this story Comment While pregnant, I had heard about the many challenges of breastfeeding and mentally prepared myself for a rough road ahead. To my surprise, my daughter took to the breast right away, and my milk supply was good, as she was steadily gaining weight. My husband also fed her my expressed […]

New Study Finds the Best Brain Exercises for Memory

Research has found exercise can have a positive impact on your memory and brain health. A new study linked vigorous exercise to improved memory, planning, and organization. Data suggests just 10 minutes a day can have a big impact. Experts have known for years about the physical benefits of exercise, but research has been ongoing […]