Do you know about this price tracking feature on your Android?

Some smart online shoppers are discovering new tools to help them find cheaper prices on everyday items. Understanding this secret shopping tip will surely influence the overall deals you get. Online shopping is growing rapidly, with e-commerce retail purchases expected to increase from approximately 14% to 22% in the United States, according to eMarketer. Online […]

Top apps to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi signal

I think we all agree that very slow Wi-Fi is frustrating, especially when you’re at home. We expect our Internet service to perform at its best considering the amount we paid. Here are four apps that work on phones and laptops connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data networks to help troubleshoot your Wi-Fi connection: Click […]

Why Gen Zers are gobbling up flip phones and rejecting smartphones

Put your phone on hold, literally. The latest craze sweeping Gen Z isn’t cutting-edge gadgets with hundreds of millions of apps, but good old fashioned foldable phones. A question arises here. Do kids want simpler times, or are they just sick of smartphones? Click to get Cart’s free Cyberguy newsletter with quick tips, tech reviews, […]

6 must-have apps to amp up your next party

I don’t know about you, but I personally love fun parties with family and friends. Besides spending time with loved ones and eating delicious food, there are other ways to make a party a long and memorable one. Here are my tech picks to help you host the perfect birthday celebration, holiday get-together, or just […]

Scientists use AI to find drug that kills bacteria responsible for many drug-resistant infections

Scientists have discovered a drug that can fight drug-resistant infections. And they used artificial intelligence to do it. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Canada’s McMaster University used machine learning algorithms to identify a new antibiotic that can kill certain bacteria that cause many drug-resistant infections. bottom. This compound kills Acinetobacter baumannii, […]

Creepy new voice cloning coming to iPhone

In this era of ultra-personalized technology, Apple has made the leap from responding to your voice to mimicking it. Imagine this. I’m half-watching “The Crown”, half-scrolling through endless emails from the comfort of my couch, and I hear my FaceTime ring. A voice like your friend greets you. It’s like walking into an episode of […]

Was your private data being sold on this dark web marketplace?

The dark web is a scary place and the last thing you want is to expose your personal information for scammers to access. recently, U.S. Department of Justice Genesis Market, a crime marketplace website that sells access to over 80 million account access credentials, including usernames and passwords, has finally been seized, revealing the arrests […]

Do this before you ever throw that old Android phone away

Smartphones continue to be improved, such as extending battery life and adding functions, but eventually they may stop working. Like all electronic devices, smartphones have a lifespan and their performance can degrade over time due to wear and tear, software and hardware issues, battery deterioration, and many other reasons. Click to get Cart’s free Cyberguy […]