Jill Biden celebrates birthday among the pyramids of Egypt

First Lady Jill Biden celebrated her birthday inside the pyramids of Egypt on Saturday as part of a six-day trip to the Middle East and North Africa. Biden: “What a great start to the day. We were lucky enough to visit the magnificent Pyramids of Giza.” tweeted. The first lady, who turned 72 on Saturday, […]

There’s a proven fix for an urgent education problem — Congress should embrace it 

“Catastrophe,” said one researcher explained A recently reported decline in college enrollment in the United States. “Aside from wartime, the United States has never experienced a period of such decline in academic performance,” he said. The decline, which was widely reported in the media, is far greater than another catastrophe in a higher education system […]

Christie’s 2024 bid set to make criticism of Trump a central focus

Former New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s 2024 run will likely bring criticism of Donald Trump to the fore, testing how much willingness there is for an outright anti-Trump candidate within the Republican Party. would be While Mr. Christie’s prospective presidential run has been met with skepticism by Republicans, some of whom have suggested his candidacy […]

The symbol of the GOP should be a crying baby banging a rattle

I have long argued that the symbol of the Republican Party should not be an elephant, but a rattling and crying baby. I bring this up again because it seems like every week goes by without someone in the Republican or Conservative ranting something like this: The left side controls YouTube. The left controls the […]

Biden signs bill to raise debt ceiling

President Biden signed legislation on Saturday to raise the debt ceiling to 2025 and avoid a default, in a significant bipartisan achievement amid a divided Washington, D.C. government. The president signed the bill into law just days after Treasury Department officials warned that there would be a shortage of funds to pay the nation’s bills, […]

The irony of Lebanon’s survival: Success could be holding it back

If you’ve paid attention to this news in the last four years, you might associate Lebanon with hell. monumental economic crisis It caused political and economic turmoil in 2019, followed by a pandemic in 2020. explosion A large warehouse of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut destroyed part of the city. And now, despite […]

Why Trump’s threats to birthright citizenship spark fear

Former President Trump this week threw a bone at immigration hardliners, promising to issue an executive order stripping him of his birthright citizenship if he returned to the White House. The pledge sparked groans from pro-immigration advocates, who were quick to point out that President Trump was only testing the move during his four-year presidency, […]