Catholic Church Authorities In The Holy Land Accuse IDF Of Killing Women, Targeting Convent

of Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) accused the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) of killing two Christian women on a church compound in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, according to a press release.

Press release from Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, explained The Catholic Church's “specific” jurisdiction over Cyprus, Jordan, Israel and Palestine said that since the outbreak of the Israel-Gaza conflict, the majority of Christian families have taken refuge in the Holy Family parish compound in Gaza. . (Related: Suicide 'drone wave' shot down a US warship launched from the Red Sea in Yemen)

The Patriarchate claimed that the two victims, identified as Nahida and her daughter Samara, were walking toward the Sisters Monastery around noon before they were reportedly shot by an IDF sniper. . “Seven more people” were also shot and wounded, the press release continued, stressing that “there was no warning” from the IDF.

“Nahida and her daughter Samar were shot dead on their way to the Sisters' Monastery. One died while trying to carry the other to safety. Seven more people tried to protect others on the church grounds. “He was shot and injured,” the press release said.

“No warning or notification was given. They were shot in cold blood on parish grounds free of belligerent forces.”

of The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem also accused the IDF of firing rockets at the Mother Teresa Convent (Missionaries of Charity), also on the premises of the Holy Family parish. According to media reports, nuns within the convent had previously reported that Israeli forces surrounded the church in late November. cas news

reportedly The monastery, which is home to 54 disabled people, had its “sole power source” and “fuel resources” destroyed by a rocket fire that caused an explosion and massive fire, a press release claimed. According to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, 54 people with disabilities are now reportedly “displaced” due to the destruction. (Related: 'Tragic event': 3 Israeli hostages mistakenly killed by IDF waved white flag)

“The building's generator (its only source of electricity) and fuel resources were destroyed. The resulting explosion and extensive fire damaged the home,” the press release states. “Two more rockets fired from IDF tanks targeted the same monastery, rendering the house uninhabitable. 54 disabled people have now been forced to evacuate, some survive. We don't have access to the ventilators we need.”

The church claimed other essentials were destroyed on Friday night, including solar panels and water tanks, which it said were “essential to the survival of the community.”of The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem asked for prayers from the Christian community and expressed condolences to the families of those affected.

CBS chief diplomatic correspondent Margaret Brennan reportedly told CBS that the US government had “heard concerns” about the incident from non-governmental organizations “that have people on the ground” in the Gaza Strip. It is said that he spoke. tweeted Saturday.

IDF has not released a statement related to this allegation as of the publication of this article.



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