CBS Poll Suggests GOP Cares More About Economy Than Democracy

Midterm voters are divided on party lines on “which is a bigger concern” in these midterm elections, when asked to choose between a “strong economy” and a “functioning democracy.”

Likely Republican voters overwhelmingly (70%) choose a strong economy, while a majority of Democrats (63%) chose “a functioning democracy” in the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker.

“The nation is closely split,” according to CBS News’ poll analysis. “That doesn’t mean people don’t want both. But those more concerned about democracy are backing Democrats, and Republicans draw most of those more concerned about a strong economy, echoing the messages of the parties’ campaigns.”

Notably, the Battleground Tracker has the Republican Party securing the House majority with 228 seats to 207 for Democrats, a 21-seat margin which is outside the margin of error in the poll of plus or minus 12 seats.

Other findings in the poll:

  • Republicans are favored over Democrats on dealing with violent crime by 16 points (46%-30%).
  • Republicans are favored over Democrats on dealing with the economy by 6 points (46%-40%).

This CBS News/YouGov Battleground Tracker surveyed 2,119 registered voters Oct. 26-28 with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.4 percentage points.

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