Cellphone stops bullet and saves the life of college football player shot in drive-by shooting, Florida police say

A college football star was the victim of a drive-by shooting Wednesday.

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He called Florida police, but his life was saved because the bullet hit his cell phone.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy John Budensiek said the 20-year-old man was walking from the Step Inn Foods convenience store to his father’s home in Port Salerno around 11 p.m. Someone fired shots from a car.

“It is by the grace of God that we are not discussing a major murder case today,” Budensiek said.

“As he was approaching his home, a car rammed into him and the passenger in the front of the car fired at him with a high-powered rifle,” he added.

Two of the bullets hit the man in the thigh and hand. One of them shattered the mobile phone he was holding up to his face while on a call.

the police say

The cell phone likely saved his life.

Investigators did not release the man’s name but confirmed he had no criminal history.

“This is concerning for us. That area is relatively safe and quiet,” Budensiek added.

The athlete was in the city during the holidays, but added that he usually attends school out of state.

Dominic Victor, a close friend of the victim, said:

told WPTV-TV

He said he was horrified when he received the call about his friend.

“None of it feels real. It’s hard to like and there are so many emotions that it doesn’t feel real,” he said.

Police are working to identify the suspect and have released surveillance footage from a Ring camera that shows a vehicle believed to be the suspect’s car driving away at high speed. The investigation is still ongoing to determine whether the shooting was targeted or random.

“This is far from a murder case, this is an attempted murder case,” Budensiek said.

Here’s local news about the incident:

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