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Chainlink records second consecutive quarterly growth as utility acceptance expands


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Chainlink (LINK) is surprisingly dragging its feet today, as the broader digital currency is all aimed at settling September in stellar banknotes.The chain link is still the same change hands The price is $8.18, up 6.24% in the last 24 hours. At the current price trend, in the past 24 hours he has had his LINK traded for $285.5 million.

LINK is an active token, and its growth is essentially driven by its large and growing utility. Digital currencies are a key component of Chainlink’s oracle services and the new Chainlink Cross Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), currently being adopted by many networks in the Web3.0 ecosystem.

An interesting aspect of Chainlink’s growth over the past few months is that it has outpaced most of the prominent coins in the industry today. Chainlink is up more than 17% over the past week, while Bitcoin is up only about 1%, according to on-chain data. LINK’s foundation of growth has made it one of the few profitable tokens on the market today.

Based on current earnings data, Chainlink is up 27.76% in the quarter ending today, marking its second consecutive quarter with a profit.

LINK raises the stage

While Chainlink may be one of the more clearly profitable companies today, it’s worth noting that it is setting the stage for significant growth through the strategic partnerships and new product launches it has focused on over the past year. To do.

One of the most notable was the SWIFT payments experiment featuring Chainlink, which helped demonstrate how versatile Chainlink is even for non-blockchain systems.

Over the past few months, Chainlink has welcomed consolidation from Arbitrum (ARB) and also garnered attention as whales’ favorite altcoin, all of which help solidify its growth potential.

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