Charges dropped against San Francisco vagrant who allegedly attacked man with metal rod — victim may face charges for using pepper spray

A young tramp on the streets of San Francisco, Calif., will not be charged with attacking the city’s former fire chief with a metal rod, but the mayor may soon be indicted in connection with the incident.

On April 5, 53-year-old Don Carmignani called police after three vagrants were camping outside his mother’s house, using drugs, blocking driveways and harassing neighbors. When the 911 call was ignored, Carmignani went to his mother’s house and confronted the three men themselves.according to reporthe deployed pepper spray to encourage them to leave the area.

“I didn’t go there to fight anyone,” Carmignani later said. CBS“I’m trying to get them on the road, go to the park.”

One of the three men, 24-year-old Garrett Doty, did not like Carmignani’s intervention. At some point during the encounter, Doty took a metal rod (probably a crowbar) from a trash can and began wielding it at the retired fire chief, the report said.

A bystander is filming a violent incident, and the footage is disturbing. According to video evidence, Doughty hit Carmignani in the head, dazzling the victim and making his eyes cloud with blood. Carmignani then raises his arms to defend himself and attempt to retreat from his attackers.

The video suggests that Doughty continued to threaten Carmignani, swinging the rod in his direction and forcing him back to the gas station convenience store. At one point, Carmignani runs through the streets and Doughty follows him.

San Francisco drops lawsuit against temporary resident who hit ex-fire brigade with crowbar, says it was in ‘self-defense’

Carmignani was severely injured during the attack. He had a hole in his skull and needed emergency surgery. During surgery, his doctors broke his jaw and had to put a plate in his head, which displaced his teeth. “My mouth feels like it’s been ground up with a meat slicer,” he said, who spent several days recovering in his ICU before coming home with night terrors and short-term memory problems. I have experienced difficulties.

Doty was first arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, deterioration of a battery with serious bodily injury, and assault with force capable of causing serious bodily injury. But on Tuesday night, San Francisco prosecutors announced that the charges against Doughty were dropped because he acted in “self-defense.”

Prosecutors, including District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, could be charged with inciting the incident after Carmignani pepper-sprayed Dotty and his associates, according to a statement issued on Carmignani’s behalf. Carmignani claimed police and prosecutors never spoke to him before dropping charges against Doty.

Carmignani, a self-professed “Born San Francisco”, expressed serious disappointment with the way local law enforcement handled his case and how many others liked it. is unacceptable,” he said. statement Immediately after his attack.

“Rather than threatening Mr Carmignani, we strongly believe the focus needs to be on prosecuting those who terrorized Marina and putting Don in hospital after brutally beating him with a metal bar. I believe, ”said Carmignani statement read in part.

“We firmly believe that the city needs to promote the safety of its law-abiding citizens over those who choose to take drugs and violent acts in the streets,” he concluded.

INTERVIEW: Former SF Fire Chief Don Carmignani says charges may be dropped in brutal

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