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US states with the most trade with other countries

The United States is the world’s second largest exporter after China. In 2022 alone, America exported some $2.1 trillionaccounting for 8.4% of world exports.

In this graphic, on deckUsing data from , we show which U.S. states each country receives the most exports from. United States International Trade Administration.

Texas is a top exporter

Texas is a major U.S. exporter to the world’s major economies. The state ranks first in 94 countries, including Canada, China, the United Kingdom and Germany. Texas is followed by California (25 countries) and Florida (24 countries).

state Exports in 2023 (millions)
texas $444,608
California $178,717
louisiana $100,197
new york $97,828
illinois $78,724
unassigned $73,829
florida $68,899
michigan $64,904
Washington $61,209
Indiana $56,081
Ohio $55,764
pennsylvania $52,876
georgia $49,772
new jersey $43,334
north carolina $42,223
kentucky $40,212
tennessee $38,120
south carolina $37,297
Massachusetts $35,221
arizona $28,791
wisconsin $28,021
Oregon $27,718
Alabama $27,447
minnesota $24,920
puerto rico $22,493
Virginia $22,395
iowa $18,439
maryland $18,360
missouri $17,858
Utah $17,388
connecticut $15,825
mississippi $14,305
Kansas $14,148
colorado $10,378
nevada $9,533
nebraska $7,987
new hampshire $7,638
north dakota $7,520
oklahoma $6,511
arkansas $6,450
west virginia $5,652
alaska $5,244
new mexico $4,940
Delaware $4,921
idaho $4,011
virgin islands $3,403
rhode island $3,016
maine $2,951
south dakota $2,399
montana $2,231
wyoming $2,143
vermont state $1,991
District of Columbia $1,746
Hawaii $570

The annual export value from Texas to Mexico is $144.29 billion—Highest export value from any U.S. state to any other country. Of this total, Texas exports $33.63 billion in oil and coal products to Mexico annually, the highest amount of any single product category from the state to another country.

While oil-producing states such as Texas, New Mexico, and North Dakota dominate America’s export markets, other states have established their own trade relationships in some areas.

For example, Michigan exports $15.37 billion in transportation equipment to Canada. These include cars and trucks, as well as parts.

Australia imports $4.56 billion of goods from Illinois each year, more than from any other US state.

New York State’s exports to Switzerland reached $23.56 billion in 2022. More than three-quarters of this trade is in the primary metal manufacturing category, which includes upstream metal products such as closures, castings, pipes, tubes, wire and springs.

Hong Kong also counts New York as its top importing state.