ChatGPT creator Sam Altman ‘a little bit scared’ of his creation

CEO of the company behind Chat GPTProbably the most famous AI chatbot in the world.

“We need to be careful here,” OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said in an interview Thursday.

He explained that this is because the technology itself is very powerful and can be dangerous.

“I think people should be happy that we’re a little scared of this,” said the 37-year-old tech guru.

When asked why he was “afraid” of starting his own company, Altman said that if he was “not scared,” he said, “Don’t trust me or you’re very afraid that I’m in this job.” You should feel unhappy,” he said.

He continued: we can do better. The reason for developing AI is that it will be the greatest technology mankind has ever developed in terms of impacting and improving our lives. ”

Altman also spoke about the impact of AI-powered chatbots on education and whether it will “increase student laziness.”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said he was “a little scared” of ChatGPT.
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“Education will have to change,” said the CEO of OpenAI. “But technology has done it many times. When I got a calculator, it completely changed how I taught math and what my students tested.”

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin announced in March that more school districts should ban AI technologies like ChatGPT.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin said more school districts should ban AI technologies like ChatGPT.

The goal of education, says Youngkin, “is to ensure that children can think. So if machines think for children, we are not achieving our goal.” increase.

But Altman asserted that ChatGPT would be a net boon to society.

“The potential of this technology is to offer personalized learning, which is one of the things I am most excited about.

Altman argued that these benefits extend beyond education.

Chat GPT Logo
But Altman asserted that ChatGPT would be a net boon to society.
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“We can have it in any profession and have a much higher quality of life, similar to the standard of living,” Altman was quoted as saying. You can also get new things that you can’t even imagine today, and that’s the promise.”

But ChatGPT has another worrisome potential, Altman warned, saying, “We have a lot of concerns about authoritarian governments developing and using it.” doing.

ChatGPT recently released an updated version of its technology, ChatGPT-4, on Tuesday. One change, according to ABC News, is that ChatGPT-4 can even interpret images and create recipe lists from items in the user’s refrigerator.

Fox News’ Julia Musto contributed to this report.

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