ChatGPT Gives “Meaningless Words” For Hours, User Calls It “Haunted”

ChatGPT was giving “weird” responses, said developer using the tool (representative)

San Francisco:

ChatGPT spewed out nonsensical answers to user queries for hours from Tuesday to Wednesday, before finally returning to normal.

OpenAI, which develops the world’s leading generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, said a software tweak “introduced a bug in the way the model processes language.”

“After determining the cause of this incident, we deployed a fix and confirmed that the incident was resolved,” it added.

ChatGPT returned “weird” responses, producing non-existent words, incomplete sentences and general gibberish, developers using the tool said in a discussion on the OpenAI website. Said on the forum.

“We get weird lists after meaningless words,” lamented one developer.

“I feel like my GPT is possessed or something is being compromised on my side or on OpenAI’s (side).”

It wasn’t until more than 16 hours later that OpenAI updated the page with a message that ChatGPT was working properly.

The San Francisco-based technology company responded to AFP’s inquiries by directing people to a ChatGPT status page.

After a roller-coaster year for the tech company, OpenAI recently inked a deal with investors that reportedly values ​​the startup at more than $80 billion.

The deal, reported by the New York Times but not yet confirmed by OpenAI, means the global leader in generative AI will nearly triple in value within 10 months.

OpenAI led the revolution in AI by bringing the ChatGPT program online in late 2022.

The instant success of this interface sparked tremendous interest in cutting-edge technology that could generate text, audio, and images on demand.

OpenAI — which also creates the image generator DALL-E — recently released a new tool called Sora. This tool can create realistic videos up to 1 minute long with simple user prompts.

Microsoft has invested about $13 billion in OpenAI and uses the startup’s technology in its Bing search engine and other services.

Microsoft is locked in fierce competition with Google to roll out new tools that incorporate AI, and the US Federal Trade Commission in January announced an investigation into massive investments by Microsoft, Google and Amazon in these specialized startups. started.

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