Cheering migrants filmed on cargo train heading from Mexico to US

Hundreds of migrants were filmed cheering triumphantly as they piled onto a freight train bound for the US amid a record number of illegal border crossings.

picture Posted by Fox News On Sunday, the Feromex train was shown heading north through the central Mexican city of Zacatecas on its 750-mile journey to the United States.

Each freight car was filled with people cheering, clapping and whistling in apparent triumph, some hanging off the sides and waving at the cameras.

The footage quickly went viral after Fox News’ Griff Jenkins tweeted that the migrants were “clearly not listening to the ‘don’t come’ message.”

He was referring to Vice President Kamala Harris, who told Guatemalan immigrants in June: Dont come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our borders.”

Video posted online showed a freight train full of migrants passing through Mexico and entering the United States.
fox news

The newspaper has contacted U.S. Customs and Border Protection for comment.

The video was released amid an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration into the United States.

In August, U.S. Border Patrol officials reportedly arrested at least 91,000 migrants who crossed the border as part of family groups. Data obtained by the Washington Post This surpassed the previous single-month record of 84,486 immigrant families arrested in May 2019 under the Trump administration.

Officials also observed a significant increase in the number of unaccompanied minors entering the country.

The influx has inundated Border Patrol agents, who will likely soon begin releasing migrants onto the streets of El Paso, Texas.

“Our top priority is the safety of our community and the safety of our asylum seekers,” Mayor Oscar Reaser said at a press conference Friday morning.

“We’re not going to have them sleeping on the streets, but at some point we’re going to run out of capacity.”

A screenshot of the video shows a freight train filled with migrants.
The Ferromex train was passing through Zacatecas, a city in central Mexico.

Migrants could be seen stretching out from the freight train and cheering.
The immigrants cheered, clapped, and whistled as they boarded the train.

Until now, he said, city governments have been able to delay so-called “street releases,” in which migrants who have been inspected and processed by the Border Patrol are released into the community when Border Patrol runs out of space to hold them. It is said that

The El Paso shelter that normally accepts migrants is at capacity and in August told the Post it was “busier than ever.”

Rieser said the city has 400 hotel rooms dedicated to immigrants each night, paid for by federal tax dollars. In some cases, the need is even greater, as on Thursday night, when migrants filled 700 hotel rooms.

In such cases, booking additional hotel space can avoid having migrants on the streets, but rooms may not always be available.

“That number continues to grow,” Reaser explained. “We meet every day to prevent this from happening.”

Here, an immigrant man is seen sitting on a sidewalk in New York City, waiting to be processed.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott is busing migrants to so-called sanctuary cities like New York.
Kevin C. Downs of the New York Post

Immigrant adults without children wait in the center line at 26 Federal Plaza to apply for federal services such as work permits and asylum.
The United States faced an unprecedented wave of illegal immigration in August, flooding the Border Patrol.
Seth Gottfried

To deal with some of the influx, Texas Governor Greg Abbott in April began busing migrants to so-called sanctuary cities like New York.

The goal was to have blue states share the burden of the immigration crisis.

On Tuesday, Abbott announced the state had bussed more than 35,000 migrants to northern cities, including more than 13,000 migrants to New York City.

“Texas transported more than 35,000 migrants by bus to self-declared sanctuary cities.” Mr Abbott tweeted Tuesday will include a breakdown of which cities have taken in the most immigrants.

“More than 11,300 to D.C., more than 13,300 to New York, more than 6,700 to Chicago, more than 2,600 to Philadelphia, more than 1,000 to Denver, and more than 480 to Los Angeles,” the governor said.

Members of the Texas National Guard attempt to prevent immigrants from entering the United States.
Border Patrol officials in El Paso, Texas, will likely have to start releasing migrants onto the streets.

The Texas National Guard is on duty to prevent immigrants from entering the United States.
Officials told the Post that the vast numbers of immigrants entering Arizona are funded by cartels.

The totals announced by Abbott on Tuesday represent the number of immigrants bused out of the state under Operation Lone Star, a border security and burden-sharing initiative launched by the governor in 2021. That’s an increase of more than 12,000 people since it was last updated.

Meanwhile, Arizona has also become a major border security flashpoint, with the Border Patrol’s Tucson sector having the highest number of encounters with migrants in the country.

Border sources in the state confirmed that the state encountered 9,100 migrants in a single day last week. That’s close to the record-setting 10,000 people per day encountered across the border in May, when Title 42 ended.

More than 7,400 of them entered the country illegally and were turned over to Border Patrol agents, overwhelming available resources.

Migrants were released onto the streets of Nogales and Casa Grande, Border Patrol officials told the Post, sharing photos of migrants who came to the U.S. from around the world loitering in public.

Officials also say the mass influx of immigrants into Arizona is being orchestrated by cartels.

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