Chicago Mom Strangled In Garage Allegedly By 63-Year-Old Boyfriend

Sierra Jamison was a health care worker and mother of a 6-year-old boy. (File)

Sierra Jamison, a health care worker and mother of a 6-year-old boy, was found dead in a garage near her Chicago home on Monday, US media reported, citing police.

Jamison was arrested on Wednesday after being strangled by her boyfriend, Lawrence Boyle, 63, the news agency reported. HuffPost This was reported as a source from the Chicago Police Department.

On Monday evening, Jamison told his mother he was planning to park the Jeep. That’s when she was killed by her boyfriend, police said.

Boyle was already waiting for Jamison in the garage.

Boyle was already waiting for Jamison in the garage.

Police said Boyle, who was already waiting for Jamison in the garage, strangled Jamison, took her cell phone and covered her body with a tarp.

When Jamison did not return home or respond to calls or texts, his mother asked his brother to check on him, according to the report.

Her brother claims he found Boyle outside the garage with Jamison’s cell phone.

Boyle claimed he threw it at him and left to go to the store, police said. billing documents The news agency’s report added that the information was from the Chicago Police Department.

Unsatisfied with Boyle’s story, Jamison’s mother went to check the garage herself, where she discovered her daughter’s body under a tarp.

After leaving the garage, Boyle called his ex-wife and confessed to strangling Jamison, according to police documents.

Boyle turned himself in on Wednesday.

Boyle and Jamison have been friends for about 10 years, but started dating a few weeks ago.

Sierra’s aunt Sadina Jamison told CBS Chicago that Boyle was someone she trusted, was “comfortable around” and had “no reason to be afraid.”

Sierra Jamison was murdered just one month after speaking out about violence against black women.

Jamison was the victim of an attempted carjacking, but bravely fought off the attacker. A group of local women came to her aid and she was able to escape unharmed.

She shared her story on news channel CBS Chicago, hoping her story would empower other black women who have been victims of violent crime.

She told the magazine, “They literally stepped in and helped me out. There was a lot of black, female empowerment that day.”

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