Chicago resident shares fury over city’s $51 million migrant aid package: ‘Just a mess’

Furious Chicagoans expressed their concerns and frustrations at a meeting earlier this week after the city council approved a multimillion-dollar immigration package.

One such resident participated in “Fox & Friends Weekend” to amplify the concerns of Chicago’s neighbors and provide other areas with $51 million to spend.

“It’s just chaos here,” said Chicago resident Andre Smith. “Chicago has $160 million spent on immigration without record or plan. We are coordinating in the direction of spending for this.

Chicago City Council members voted 34 to 13 to approve the bill, according to reports. Fox 32He said there were controversial discussions before the spending was finally approved.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson during his inauguration ceremony at Credit Union 1 Arena in Chicago on May 15, 2023. (Jamie Kelter Davis/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Immigrants ‘abandoned’ in Chicago shelters could ‘destroy’ black communities, residents say

Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson said in a statement that the money was needed and would go to resources for immigrants, including food, housing and staffing.

“Chicago faces a humanitarian crisis as individuals and families continue to be sent to Democratic-led cities here and across the country with their health ignored,” Johnson said. “My administration will do everything in our power to help these new arrivals who are striving to rebuild their lives in the United States while keeping our promises to Chicagoans. is important to support our efforts to provide and service.” We will continue to advocate for additional state and federal funding as long as it is needed. ”

At the city council meeting on Wednesday, residents voiced their frustration that so much money is being given to immigrants instead of Americans.

One woman exclaimed, “We are fed up with nothing given to the community and we are fed up with it.”Stop it. “

Smith, who was arrested earlier this year on trespassing charges while trying to block a bus of immigrants entering the city of Chicago, also attended and challenged the plan.

“How dare this mayor and city council give $51 million to immigrants,” Smith said during the meeting.

Black Residents, Chicago Lawmakers More Than $51 Million In Funding For Residential Immigrants ‘Enough Enough’

Officials estimate that the city faced about $102 million in costs from January to June trying to deal with the immigration crisis.

The City of Chicago has received $30 million from the Illinois government and $4.4 million from the FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter Program in city assistance.

“There are so many other people on the radio and in the news. We are completely shaken. We are dismantled. Our minds are confused…unprecedented.” Smith told host Rachel Campos-Duffy. “Imagine you were at work and your boss gave his 500 people a blank check for $51 million over his 30 days. The company would go bankrupt.”

Smith called for an audit of the funds spent on the immigration crisis and to maintain its status as a city reserve. He also explained that the funds have many other uses.

“If you look at Memorial Day as a whole, 53 people were shot and 11 died in the city of Chicago. It was Memorial Day weekend, so that money could be spent on crime. ‘, he reasoned.

“There are homeless people just a few blocks away … There was this young woman who had nowhere to go, had her legs amputated, had both arms amputated and was frozen to death. You have you.” To these immigrants and migrants, whatever you want to call them, he had a free choice to cross the border, but the Negro had no chance to cross the border, they It can be said that Japan did not have the luxury of crossing national borders. They came here chained to the bottom of the ship, so this is a total disaster. Mr Smith added.

Critics like Smith are determined to oppose the plan, even though it has received approval from city council members.


Former mayoral candidate Jamal Green said aldermen should: vote against funding.

“I am asking the city council to stop voting, vote against $51 million until there is a concrete plan of funding for investment in the most distressed areas,” Green said. Told.

“The fight continues. We are going to fight whether we go to jail or not,” Smith said.

Fox News’ Adam Sabes contributed to this report.

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