Chiefs vs. Packers, 49ers vs. Eagles prediction: NFL Week 13 picks

The Wildcats return for their 27th season with the Post.

Including the 1997-2022 seasons in the Bettor’s Guide, the Cat has a printed record of 694 wins, 604 losses, and 5 draws.

Chiefs (-6) vs. Packers

While this may seem relatively straightforward at first glance, Kansas City (as a relatively large company) typically tends to be valued at a significantly exaggerated spread price.

Therefore, this price is not cheap on the surface.

I respect the Packers’ side/position, but the Chiefs seem too strong to match in Patrick Mahomes’ first game at Lambeau Field.

patrick mahomes Getty Images

49ers (-3) vs. Eagles

This looms as a very tricky card, with a host of powerful roadside lays with more noticeable chokes than field goals.

However, the popular action on December and January roads requires more caution than usual, as multiple traveling chokes are expected to expend enough energy to survive and advance this weekend.

Do you want to bet on the NFL?

We embrace the 49ers, who are exceptional from the front office down.

last week: 1-1. Lions (L), Falcons (W)
season: 10-13-1.



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