China-Cuba Spy Base Report Not True, But We Won’t Say How or Deny Plans for Base Exist

On Thursday’s MSNBC broadcast “The Andrea Mitchell Report,” White House National Security Council strategic communications coordinator John Kirby said reports that China had reached an agreement to build a spy facility in Cuba were not accurate. said he was vague about the specifics of the report. Whether he claims that is inaccurate and that plans for such a facility do not exist.

Moderator Andrea Mitchell said, “China and Cuba have now reportedly reached a secret agreement under which China will install an electronic facility on the island, which will allow Chinese intelligence to access all areas of the southeastern United States. You can intercept electronic communications. What is your reaction?” to this?

Kirby replied: “I saw that report. We are monitoring this very closely, and we are confident that we can continue to protect this country, and we are confident that we will.”

Mitchell followed, “Are you saying they’re planning this isn’t accurate?”

Kirby replied: “We have seen the report. It is not accurate.

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