Chinese Woman, 31, Posing For Photo Dies After Falling Into Indonesian Volcano

A 31-year-old Chinese woman dies after falling into an Indonesian volcano while posing for a photo

It took rescue teams about two hours to recover Lihon’s body. (Representative photo)

A 31-year-old Chinese woman has died after falling from the edge of the crater while taking photos at an Indonesian volcano known for its popular “blue fire” new york post, the woman, identified as Huang Lihong, was on a guided tour with her husband when the incident occurred on Saturday. Police said the couple had climbed to the edge of the Ijen crater, a volcanic tourist park in the area, to watch the sunrise.

According to police, the woman fell from a height of 75 meters and died on impact.The death has been marked as an accident, according to post.

The tour guild later told authorities that Lihon kept a safe distance from the edge of the crater because he had been repeatedly warned about the dangers while taking photos. However, as she begins to walk backwards to inch closer, she accidentally steps on her long garment, causing her to trip and fall into the mouth of the volcano. It is not clear whether the 31-year-old man was wearing a skirt or a dress.

Officials said it took rescue teams about two hours to recover Li Hong’s body.

In particular, the Ijen volcano is known for its “blue fire” caused by the blue light emitted by the combustion of sulfur gas.according to independent person, in 2018, many people were forced to evacuate their homes and at least 30 were hospitalized after the volcano began releasing toxic gases. Although Mount Ijen regularly releases small amounts of toxic gases, the site is open to the public.

Indonesia has approximately 130 active volcanoes. A remote Indonesian volcano recently spewed towers of ash into the sky, raining molten rock from six nearby eruptions on villages and forcing thousands to evacuate. Mount Luang, on the outermost region of Indonesia’s North Sulawesi island, began erupting on April 16, producing a spectacular mix of fiery orange lava, towering columns of volcanic ash, and volcanic lightning. The eruption sent plumes of smoke 400 meters (1,312 feet) above the mountain’s summit, the country’s volcano agency said.