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Christina Applegate clarifies ‘dark thoughts’ after saying she doesn’t ‘enjoy living’

Christina Applegate has opened up about her “dark thoughts” after fans expressed concern over her recent confession that her multiple sclerosis makes her “not enjoy life.”

“Oh my God, guys, I’m so good. Isn’t that what everybody wants to hear? I’m good,” the “Dead to Me” alum, 52, says. He spoke on the “Messy” podcast. Tuesday. “Has the pressure eased a little for you guys? It’s okay.”

“I was talking about the dark things that I was thinking and feeling… This is a safe place to let those things out, because when we keep something inside, we give it power,” she continued.

Christina Applegate has explained comments she made about her battle with multiple sclerosis making her “not enjoying life.” Getty Images for the Critics Association
“I was talking about some of the darker things that I was thinking and feeling,” she explained on her “Messy” podcast with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Messy Podcast/Instagram

Applegate added, “I think people with mental health issues feel so much shame. It’s a fleeting moment. It’s a thought. It’s a feeling.”

She said being able to express her “dark thoughts” – even if it makes others uncomfortable – is “incredibly healing and important,” and she also assured fans that she is “not on suicide watch” due to her chronic illness.

“How can someone be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or any chronic illness that has robbed them of who they were before that moment and say, ‘This is wonderful,'” she said.

The “Dead to Me” alum said being able to express her “dark thoughts” has been “incredibly healing and important.” Wire image
“It’s a safe place where we can let something out, because when we keep something inside, we give that something power,” she said. Getty Images

“There are moments when you think, ‘This is exhausting, I don’t want to do this,’ but you still do it,” Applegate said. “Saying it out loud releases the pressure in the balloon.”

Earlier this month, the Emmy winner revealed that she had suffered from “severe depression” and found herself in a “dark place.”

“This is just completely honest… I’m not enjoying life,” she said candidly. “I don’t enjoy it. I don’t enjoy anything anymore.”

Applegate was diagnosed with MS in early 2021. Getty Images for Netflix
In March, the Married… with Children actress revealed that she was now wearing diapers. Getty Images

The “Married… with Children” actress was diagnosed with MS in early 2021.

Applegate has been open about how multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system, has affected her health and career.

In March it was revealed she was wearing diapers and had 30 lesions on her brain.