Christmas this year brings hope that the world needs badly, says NC faith leader

This Advent season, a North Carolina-based faith and cultural leader spoke about what so many people desperately need right now.

“Christmas teaches us things about God,” said Dr. Alex McFarland of Greenville, North Carolina.

First of all, “Christmas brings hope. Specific, life-changing hope,” he said.

“And our world desperately needs it.”

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In comments to Fox News Digital, McFarland added, “Over the past decade, and especially since COVID-19, a growing body of mental health research has demonstrated the serious negative effects of isolation, loneliness, and stress.” .

Happy children decorate the Christmas tree at home. Alex McFarland told FOX News Digital during the Advent season, “Think about what Christmas means: God Almighty brought us to the stage of human history out of His personal love for each of us. He came in,” he said. (St. Petersburg)

He said one often-cited study found that “loneliness and the depression that comes with it are equally unhealthy for the body.” I smoke 15 cigarettes per day. ”

In a report on this, he goes on to say, “Even the American Psychological Association has lamented that fewer people are attending church these days. It gives you a 'feeling'.”

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So, “What does this have to do with Christmas?” McFarland said.

Christmas presents and student division image

“What does the Bible say about you and me?” a prominent faith leader told Fox News Digital. “That we are important to God.” (Image; Unsplash)

“There are actually a lot.”

He said people “need to think deeply about what Christmas means. We need to reflect on the fact that Almighty God has entered the stage of human history out of personal love for each of us. “Acknowledgment brings about change,” he added.

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“It is because of the life of Christ recorded in the Bible that we can still have hope in this world. What is written about is also true.”

McFarland asks, “What does the Bible say about you and me? That we are important to God. ”

nativity scene

“The manger reminds us that Jesus views humans with unconditional love.” (St. Petersburg)

“Christmas reminds us of Christ's promise that everyone who trusts in Him will be received, and none who will be turned away (John 6:37).”

So, “this Christmas, remember what Jesus' birth, life, and promised return truly meant,” McFarland said.

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“'My life has a purpose and I am important to God.'”

He added: “The manger reminds us that Jesus views humanity with unconditional love, and this happens to be coupled with his willingness to embark on a rescue mission that is central to history.”


McFarland is an expert on youth, religion and culture.

His books include Abandoned Faith: Why Millennials Are Walking Away and How You Can Lead Them Home.

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