The last battle before the 2024 elections over control of the GOP comes down to Jan. 27 when the Republican National Committee (RNC) elects a new party chair.

Pressure is mounting to oust the current RNC chair, Ronna McDaniel, after the red wave voters were promised fizzled out, giving Republicans a slim majority in the U.S. House of Representatives and less control in the U.S. Senate compared to 2020. She faces two opponents attempting to block her fourth two-year term: California civil rights attorney, RNC national committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

McDaniel’s strongest opponent, Dhillon, claims that under McDaniel’s leadership, the Republican party fell into the habit of paying for consultants rather than focusing on important issues, like picking up Congressional seats, election integrity, and connecting with younger voters. Dhillon told Tucker Carlson on Jan. 5 that McDaniel is leading a party that “seem[s] to be sinking into this morass of failure.”

“She’s a nice person, but over the last six years, we’ve lost the House, the Senate, and the White House. Worse than that, we have a sclerotic system at the RNC where members have almost no say. We don’t even get to take a look at a line item budget if you’re on the budget committee. We seem to be sinking into this morass of failure and simply explaining it away as ‘well, we made more voter contacts’ or ‘we should get an A for effort in this election cycle, when in fact, anybody who’s paying attention can see, you know, the emperor has no clothes,” Dhillon said.

“The same things you’re seeing in D.C. on the McCarthy race, they’re some of the very same issues we have in the Republican National Committee, and it’s building up because there’s been no debate for so many years,” she continued.

Dhillon told Carlson that although Republicans “haven’t won the last several election cycles,” she thinks they “can only go up from here.” (RELATED: McCarthy May Have Won But The Establishment Took A Loss)

“I think if we sort of acknowledge our failures, tighten our belts, stop wasting donor money, focus like a laser on election integrity and making sure that we actually get people’s ballots into the ballot boxes, and then be more forward-looking on technology, involving younger voters, don’t patronize them, and finally cut out the middlemen of consultants who are running Congress and running the Republican National Committee, we will be so far ahead,” Dhillon said.

McDaniel was initially backed by former President Donald Trump for the position in 2017 and is the frontrunner in 2023. In December, she told Fox News Digital that she believes Dhillon should have brought these issues up privately instead of running against her for the position.

“If she had concerns about some of the things she’s raising now in a very public forum, she had ample opportunity in a private forum to discuss these things she’s saying now, and she never did,” McDaniel stated, adding, “and I think that’s why many are saying that’s not leadership.”

McDaniel told Fox she has “pretty solid” support from over 100 of the 168 RNC committee members in her search for another two-year term as RNC chair. “These are people who are going to go on the record and saying, ‘I support Ronna and her re-election.’ If you’re putting your name on the record, that’s pretty solid,” McDaniel said.

She believes that the 2022 elections could have been a lot worse without her leadership at the RNC. “I think what the RNC has done has made those elections better than they otherwise could have been,” McDaniel said, defending the shocking 2022 GOP losses.

“Under my watch, … you have seen an increase in Republicans turning out. You’ve seen us invest in things like voter registration, where we had big gains in states like North Carolina, Florida, Iowa,” McDaniel said. “Our community centers were a value add in this election cycle, as we saw engagement with Hispanic and Asian and Black voters actually have higher turnout in the areas where we invested.”

A group of seven major Republican donors publically supported McDaniel’s bid for RNC chair on Jan. 6, including a former GOP state party chair and former campaign finance chair, Bobby Schostack. (RELATED: Big Banks Privately Reveal Biden’s Achilles Heel In 2024)

“To raise funds at the level of Chairman McDaniel, it takes a very determined work ethic,” Schostack told Fox News.

“She has an incredible granular understanding of the electoral map, which gives the donor the confidence in her and her team’s ability to spend their investment in the RNC strategically,” Schostack said. He added that as the party prepares for the 2024 elections, McDaniel is “the best person to lead the RNC.”

As the Jan. 27 RNC election gets closer, McDaniel seems to be losing some support among GOP Donors and state GOP members. Three days after she released a letter of support signed by seven GOP mega-donors, Dhillon announced her own list boasting twenty-seven GOP mega-donors willing to endorse her bid for RNC chair.

Dhillon’s supporters called for a change in RNC leadership ” in order to fulfill our promise to Republican voters to win elections.” The letter blasted RNC members who “seem content to double down on the incumbent leadership that is presently failing us.”

“The once great Party of Lincoln is on the verge of permanent irrelevance if we fail to come together to correct course,” Dhillon’s supporters stated. “Despite this clear and present threat to our freedom, the highest levels of the Republican National Committee appear to be more focused on blaming others for their lack of leadership and lining the pockets of cherry-picked consultants than on winning elections.”

A large majority of Republican voters believe the RNC under McDaniel was ineffective and support replacing her as RNC chair, according to a recent Trafalgar Group poll.

Among Republican voters, 74% said the RNC should elect new leadership, and only 6% support re-electing McDaniel as chair. Of those same voters, 68% believe the RNC was ineffective at getting Republicans elected during the 2022 elections. The poll did not include information on Dhillon or Lindell.

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