Climate Activist Sets Himself On Fire At Massive Sporting Event

A man set himself on fire at a London tennis match Friday in an act of climate-related protest, according to The Telegraph.

A 20-year-old man wearing a shirt that read “End UK private jets” poured what appeared to be lighter fluid on himself before setting his arm on fire while sitting on the tennis court, according to The Telegraph. He quickly shook the fire out as three men who appeared to be security agents rushed onto the court, picked him up and dragged him away.

The activist, who is known as “Kai,” let his body go limp as he was pulled off the court following the incident, which appeared to last fewer than ten seconds. He appears to be affiliated with the End UK Private Jets Twitter account, which shared images of the protest. (RELATED: China Tells Europe To Ramp Up Climate Efforts While Hoarding Fossil Fuels)

“Carbon emissions in 2022 are genocide. We’re accelerating towards the cliff of runaway collapse – every second takes us closer to human extinction. And the elites are still flying in private jets,” a tweet from the account says. The account was set up in July and has 29 followers.

Kai, 20, set their arm on fire at #LaverCup,” the account wrote after the incident. “The liveable climate of our planet is collapsing. No one is taking it seriously. Is humanity not worth saving? Let’s get into resistance against this death machine.”

A man identified as Kai discussed his plans to set himself on fire at the match in another video shared by the account. He explained that the incident would be traumatic for people in the audience, but that if people want young people to not experience harm and suffering, they need to take action against carbon emissions.

The protest occurred at the Laver Cup, where tennis player Roger Federer was slated to make his farewell appearance before entering retirement.

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