Club for Growth unveils new anti-Trump ad

Prominent conservative advocacy group Club for Growth released a new ad on Thursday attacking former President Trump over his Social Security plan.

“President Trump’s Social Security plan is totally out of the ordinary.” The ad says, along with President Trump’s golf footage. “His plan is the same as Joe Biden’s, to automatically cut senior benefits by 23% within 10 years and make retirement a tough one.”

“For Donald Trump, it’s a given,” the ad continues. “If Trump’s plan dwindles 23 percent of their savings, another plan to scam people out of the money they’ve earned, the people who worked for it and don’t get it. Tell Donald Trump to stop cheating seniors.” Please tell me.”

The golf-themed ad, which was released ahead of the LIV Golf Tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Washington, D.C. this weekend, reads, “Under no circumstances will Republicans get a dime from Medicare. It is aimed at the former president’s demand that we should not vote to cut it. Or social security. ”

Biden also pledged to “protect Social Security and Medicare without change.”

The Social Security Trust Fund will be depleted by 2033, at which point beneficiary benefits could be cut by about 23 percent. According to recent estimates By the Social Security and Medicare Board.

This has been cited by conservative groups calling for reforming the benefits system before going bankrupt.

“Biden and Trump’s positions may sound like a promise to protect Social Security, but they are not,” Growth Club president David McIntosh said in April. The Wall Street Journal article. “The law calls for drastic benefit cuts over a 10-year period ‘without changing anything’.”

Mr. Biden has proposed raising taxes on the wealthy to bolster the welfare system, a position widely rejected by Republicans on the left.

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