CNN CEO Chris Licht’s big mess: Insiders say he’s lost newsroom after Trump town hall, brutal Atlantic story

CNN CEO Chris Licht has had more ups than downs in his year-plus tenure, and last week’s turmoil over his profile mistreatment during his tenure made him skeptical. It underscores the continued inability to persuade the media outlets to do so, an insider told Fox News Digital.

Licht apologized in a Monday morning call with staff and said he would “fight desperately” to regain trust, casting a shadow over the agency’s journalism after a lengthy story about himself was published in The Atlantic last week. said he regretted it. A staggering few months of access have left author Tim Alberta convinced of Licht’s vision of rebuilding the liberal network, while at the same time becoming an increasingly isolated, self-obsessed and hated figure. drawn as

Licht’s scathing remarks about CNN’s previous coverage of the new coronavirus infection, telling Donald Trump to “have fun” in front of CNN Town Hall last month, and former CNN It showed that he shot several times during the tenure of president Jeff Zucker. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who replaced Mr. Licht last year, has named corporate ally David Levy as CNN’s new COO, and will continue to improve the business side of things. It absorbed the operation and suggested a decline in the Licht stock.

A CNN official told Fox News Digital that Licht’s Monday apology was unwelcome, and his actions during his tenure speak louder than words, with Licht taking over the business side of the news with Levy. He said the longer he stayed in the room, the more unacceptable he became. miserable people.

CNN CEO Chris Licht has been a hot topic in the journalism industry since The Atlantic magazine’s first-of-its-kind feature appeared on Friday. (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

CNN president Chris Licht apologizes to staff amid shocking coverage of his leadership

They added that Mr. Licht had already lost staff even before the Atlantic profile, which has sealed a negative opinion of Mr. Licht for many. Adding to the blow, CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy lamented the “bad situation” at the station Monday night, saying his boss had “alienated many of the employees.” Licht, best known for his work on morning shows and a successful producer of CBS’s “The Late Show” before joining CNN, is hitting a wall.

“Chris Licht’s long streak of luck and perfect timing seems to have come to an ugly end,” one former CNN producer told Fox News Digital. “His personal trainer’s embarrassing words in an article in The Atlantic are the final straw, and he’s mocking David Zaslav for this clown employer. Zaslav cuts his losses now and ends up poor CNN.” We should restart.”

Licht has been heavily criticized by the legacy media in recent weeks, with Puck’s Dylan Byers reporting another scathing report on Licht following the Atlantic article.

Byers highlighted Zaslav’s recent appointment of Levy as CNN’s new COO, noting that he would be co-CEO “by all accounts.” Zaslav also gave lukewarm support for Licht in an article in The Atlantic and refused to give interviews defending Licht in the building.

Byers, a former Zucker-era CNN media reporter who has been a scathing report on Licht’s days as network head, swiped Zaslav’s statement to Alberta, saying that this was “by no means a fervent endorsement of Licht.” No, it’s more of a generic ChatGPT-style statement.” This is an endorsement statement that offers him complete voluntary freedom over his CNN future. He later clarified that he was primarily focused on defending CNN itself, not Licht, including the full statement Brown provided.

CNN boss Chris Licht recognizes morning show ‘needs to improve’ despite past ‘Don Lemon’ dramas, sources say

Oliver Darcy Chris Licht

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy continues to criticize boss Chris Licht in a controversial newsletter. (CNN/Reuters)

A spokesperson for Zucker told The New York Times that he had clearly had “deep reservations” about the direction of CNN since he was fired last year. Former CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter wrote in New York magazine on Sunday that about 40 CNN staffers had contacted Licht, mostly to complain and vent their anger.

“The staff I spoke to were astounded by the misjudgment Licht’s participation in The Atlantic represented, and in particular Licht’s allegations that CNN unfairly hyped the coronavirus for viewership. I was outraged,” the former CNN reporter continued.

Other media reports are popping up with detractors of Mr. Licht, but there are also those who defend him. An insider told Fox News Digital that he agreed with CNN’s direction of continuing to incorporate information from within the media industry and networks.

Another person, who read Mr. Stelter’s story in New York magazine, told Fox News Digital that he felt the former CNN media correspondent was a “disgruntled employee.” Mr. Stelter insists he has no hard feelings. Licht dismissed him in such a favorable manner that the two have been joking about it ever since, he writes.

“The Brian Stelters of the world…want to see CNN fall apart and say, ‘They shouldn’t have fired me,'” the insider said. “Based on the numbers, the report card isn’t his A+. His goal of returning CNN to its roots, hardcore news and balanced conversation is commendable.” [goal]But it’s just taking longer than he expected. “

CNN Staff Touts Christian Amanpour’s Violent Occupation of Trump City Hall, Continues to Undermine Boss

A source told Fox News Digital that despite the internal turmoil over Trump’s controversial appearance at City Hall last month, many CNN journalists don’t think they’re fair. He said he was pissed off.

It would be “difficult” for him to win the trust of CNN staffers, they said, “especially because his predecessor, Mr. Zucker, was ‘hands on’ and was ‘loved’ by them.

“He was right to apologize. It was important,” the source added. “I don’t mean to disrespect Tim Alberta…but giving him unrestricted access is always a recipe for disaster…it’s hard to predict. [whether Licht will be fired]… From a business perspective, it makes sense to find someone else. “

CNN Chris Licht Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker (left) will be replaced by CNN Chairman and CEO Chris Licht in 2022. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

In a network with many still loyal to Zucker and his left-leaning, militant approach to Trump-era news, Licht’s rhetoric to bring CNN back to the middle and restore credibility with skeptical Republicans is: It won many detractors within the company.

During his tenure, he carried out layoffs ordered by parent company Warner Bros. Discovery, ditched the widely derided CNN+ streaming service envisioned by his predecessor, and hired Zucker-era hires such as Stelter and John Harwood. He fired his rep and launched a new morning show featuring melodrama and poverty. The audience rating also fell, and the audience rating and income decreased.

Liberal host Don Lemon, who became a central figure on CNN This Morning after Licht kicked him out of prime time, took the job in less than six months and was similarly fired.

CNN faces ‘furious’ officials at Trump City Hall ‘feels like 2016 has started again’

But then, on May 10, he came to City Hall with Trump. It was perhaps the most tragic episode of his tenure, symbolizing a change of government from Mr. Zucker to Mr. Licht. Zucker and Trump once created television magic on NBC’s “The Apprentice,” but by the time Trump took office, the two were bitterly hostile. But Licht gave him the primetime podium in front of an audience of laughing Republicans in New Hampshire.

President Trump called host Caitlan Collins “mean”, maintained his belief that the 2020 election was stolen, and responded to Collins’ various allegations on Jan. 6 and other high-profile topics. Ignoring fact-checking efforts, it clearly took the spotlight. Liberal media critics and Democrats squealed the incident as dangerous and misguided, and many CNN staffers, both public and private, were furious that it was an embarrassing mistake. Some defended Licht’s call, saying that Trump was the clear frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination and that it would be equally wrong to pretend that Trump never existed.

Photo of CNN City Hall

CNN aired a town hall for former President Donald Trump, the frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination, in May and came under heavy criticism. (Screenshot/CNN)


Persons such as Darcy and Christian Amanpour publicly denounced Licht for the event. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper also agreed that the look at City Hall was “disgusting” and said viewers had the right to be angry and not watch the channel anymore, but he also said Mr Trump was important. He pointed out that he is a candidate and should not be ignored.

Licht still supports CNN and tries to do damage control, but his decision to demean everyone from staff to on-air talent has effectively made him the unsung emperor to the public, according to people familiar with the matter. It is said that it has become.

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