CNN political commentator Alice Stewart dies at age 58

Alice Stewart, a CNN commentator and longtime Republican political consultant, has died suddenly at the age of 58.

Stewart was found in a northern Virginia neighborhood early Saturday morning. Law enforcement officials believe she died from a medical emergency and do not suspect any criminal activity on her part, according to the report.

“Alice was a very dear friend and colleague to all of us at CNN,” the network said. CEO Mark Thompson writes: he said in a message to network staff on Saturday, according to CNN. “A political veteran and Emmy Award-winning journalist who brought unparalleled brilliance to CNN’s reporting, she was known across the station not only for her political knowledge but for her unwavering kindness.” Our hearts are heavy as we mourn such an extraordinary loss.”

Stewart was a communications veteran in Republican politics before joining CNN as a commentator in 2016. She served as communications director for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s 2008 and 2016 presidential campaigns, and his 2012 bid. She is former Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann and former Pennsylvania State Senator Rick Santorum.

“Heartbreaking. Alice was an amazing, talented and dear friend,” Cruz wrote on Saturday. “And she loved America fiercely. She lived each day to the fullest. She will be sorely missed. May God’s comfort and peace be with her loved ones. Rest in Peace.” To”

CNN’s Dana Bash called her “a woman’s woman who brought kindness and support along with wisdom and expertise.”

Mr. Stewart also previously served as the Deputy Secretary of State for the State of Arkansas.

Before entering politics, Stewart had an extensive career in the media, working as a reporter and anchor in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Savannah, Georgia, and as an associate producer in her hometown of Atlanta, according to her biography at HTV. is written.Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics. She also hosted fellow CNN commentator Maria Cardona’s podcast at the time of her death.

Stewart was a frequent guest on CNN’s show, providing the network with a unique perspective as a Republican who voted for Donald Trump. In a 2020 Harvard Political Review interview, Deadline is statedStewart was open about his perspective.


Alice Stewart (center) worked on several major Republican presidential campaigns as communications director. (Getty Images)

“My role at CNN is to be a conservative commentator. I offer my perspective on today’s politics from a conservative perspective.” she told HPR. “There are many sides to conservatism these days. There are people who support Donald Trump, and there are people who will never support Trump. I support the president, but his tone and demeanor… There’s a lot of things I don’t agree with,’ and I’ll call him out on it if I have to. ”

Stewart was honored and remembered throughout the day on CNN on Saturday. Tributes poured in for her online, with her friends and colleagues praising her as a smart, funny and kind friend.


“We always invited her to come on my show because we knew she would come out a little smarter at the end of the conversation,” CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer said Saturday.

“Alice Stewart was a kind, talented, faith-filled woman of God. She will be dearly missed. My heart and prayers go out to her family,” FOX News’ Kaley said.・McEnany wrote to X.