CNN report exposes how Asian-Americans in San Francisco are abandoning Democratic Party: ‘Too extreme to the left’

For decades, San Francisco has been a bastion of progressive politics. But a new CNN report detailing how radical, far-left politics is alienating Asian Americans is a warning sign for Democrats across the country.

One third of San Francisco residents are Asian American. However, according to CNN national correspondent Kyung Lah, growing “discontent” among the Asian-American community is “causing a series of political turmoil in San Francisco.”

Community organizer Forrest Liu recently spoke with Lah about the sentiment within the community. He explained that three years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Asian Americans were awakened to the realities of their cities. That’s when his community found out it wasn’t as safe as they thought, that city leaders didn’t listen to them, and that progressive politics had ruined the education system. .

Her mother, Allen Jouet, who supported the ousting of three far-left school board members, articulated why Asian Americans are abandoning the Democratic Party.

“I think they’re leaning too far left,” she told Lah of the Democratic Party. I think we need it.”

“I know people who have traditionally voted Democratic are voting Republican because they don’t feel the Democrats represent them,” Jue explained.

Civil rights attorney Charles Chan, meanwhile, said the phenomenon in San Francisco was a harbinger for Democrats across the country.

“From this midterm election to 2018, there was a significant double-digit drop in Asian-American approval ratings. ‘, Zhang told Lah.

anything else?

While reporting on how crime and far-left politics are keeping Asian Americans away from the Democratic Party, Lah and her colleagues became victims of street crime when their rental car was broken into and their belongings stolen. rice field.

CNN host Erin Burnett told Mr. Lar, “It really makes you realize how real and pervasive this is.”

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