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CNN Seeks to Intimidate Ticketmaster into Blacklisting Tucker Carlson Tour

The far-left fascists at CNN are trying to blackmail Ticketmaster into blacklisting Tucker Carlson from his upcoming arena tour.

This week, the former Fox News anchor announced a 15-city speaking tour in the lead up to the upcoming presidential election. Carlson, who founded the Tucker Carlson Network (TCN) and expanded Fox’s audience after moving to Xwitter, will kick off the tour on September 4 in Phoenix, Arizona, with special guest Russell Brand.

“One thing we know for sure is that America is going to be an intense place this fall,” Carlson said in the announcement. “So we decided there couldn’t be a better time to tour across the country this fall and we’re coming to America this fall, on a live tour from East Coast to West Coast with some of our friends that you all know.”

“We’ll be reacting to everything that’s happening onstage in real time,” Carlson added, touting the event as “fun and interesting and a great way to spend the fall.”

Other special guests include Alex Jones, Charlie Kirk, Megyn Kelly, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kid Rock, Roseanne, Vivek Ramaswamy, Dan Bongino and Donald Trump Jr.

Tickets went on sale on Friday, June 14th.

As you might expect, with Trump leading in most of the post-Kangaroo Trial polls, CNNLOL found the very idea of ​​a further humiliation involving Tucker Carlson and co. drawing more viewers than his fraudulent Joe Biden campaign and CNN’s primetime schedule intolerable. So…

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So CNN is actively and publicly pressuring Ticketmaster to refuse to sell tickets, which would effectively cancel the tour.

Note: I won’t link to the Nazis, if you want to read the CNNLOL article, just Google it.

“Ticketmaster is aligning with right-wing extremists to increase its appeal to mainstream audiences and profit from their dangerous, hateful rhetoric ahead of the November election,” CNN reported Thursday, adding that Carlson is “calling on fellow conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones and Marjorie Taylor Greene to join him.”

So the same CNN is behind most of this…

…Suddenly I’m worried about conspiracy theories.

And CNNLOL, let us remember that “conspiracy theories” are what CNN has been doing 24/7 for three years since November 2016: casting doubt on the results of the Presidential election.

In an effort to force Ticketmaster and the arenas themselves to blacklist Carlson by refusing to sell tickets or agree to host the tour, CNN played the old, tired, fascist game of contacting Ticketmaster and specific venues for “comment.”

“Sought for comment this week, a representative for a Live Nation subsidiary said: [Ticketmaster] He chose not to respond,” CNN reported.

And CNN broke out in a sweat and said, in all fairness: [Tickermaster’s] “It is difficult to imagine that a public relations department could defend this kind of behavior,” CNN explained, before taking a melodramatic turn: “How could any decent person justify not only helping Mr. Carlson poison public discourse, but profiting from his hateful rhetoric in the process?”

Incidentally, this same CNN…

…suddenly I’m worried Harmful speech and hateful rhetoric.

“CNN also posed questions to venues where Carlson will be playing, including Honda Center, T-Mobile Center, Delta Center, Dickies Arena and Intrust Bank Arena.”

Wisely, no one responded, as did Ticketmaster.

CNN concluded with two purple paragraphs that can be summed up as follows: It’s a great business. It would be a real shame if something were to happen..

Any company with basic ethics would do well to refuse to do business with dishonest actors who profit from dumping toxic waste into the nation’s information environment, but doing so puts them at risk of being targeted by the very people who, like Trump, wield enormous influence over large segments of Republicans and are sparking painful boycotts.

But while the political climate of 2024 presents a challenging ethical business environment for companies, the questions before them have clear and obvious answers: These uneasy decisions risk putting companies at the center of an information war rife with scammers like Carlson.

Speaking of “dumping hazardous waste into the domestic information environment”…

Journalist and free speech advocate Glenn Greenwald saw through CNN’s McCarthyism and summed it up nicely…

“This is a tactic by which the US corporate media pretends they are not instigators of censorship,” Greenwald said. xweeted“They’re calling big tech companies and corporations and stuff and saying, ‘We’re going to report on how you’re platforming ‘fascists’ (conservatives)’ and forcing them to ban them.[.]”

Rest assured, CNN the Gestapo has just begun operations to shut down the tour.

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