Cohen: Trump will ‘absolutely’ take mugshot, be fingerprinted if arrested

Former President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, Michael Cohen, said Sunday that his former client would “absolutely” They will go through the procedure of having their fingerprints and photographs taken.

“Do you think Donald will be fingerprinted or swabbed or photographed? Absolutely,” Cohen said in an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Witt. No, actually, I don’t want to see Donald Trump marching in handcuffs…because I respect the president’s system.”

Cohen has become a sharp critic of Trump since he began working with prosecutors in a Trump-related case in 2018 when a lawyer was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison. gave the testimony of

His latest comments come after the former president said over the weekend that he expected to be arrested on Tuesday and accused Manhattan DA’s Alvin Bragg of corruption. urged them to protest the possible arrest.

Expectations are high for possible indictments in the case, which centered around hush money payments Cohen admitted to making to Stormy Daniels in the fall of Trump’s 2016 White House bid. candidate. Mr Trump has denied the allegations.

Cohen was jailed for his involvement in paying hush money to Daniels and others. His prison term, much of which he spent in house arrest, ended in 2021. He was also ordered to pay $1.4 million, plus he had $500,000 confiscated.

Despite the prison sentence and personal costs, Cohen insists his desire to see Trump held accountable was not due to personal revenge.

“This is about Donald Trump being held accountable for his dirty deeds,” Cohen said. “I don’t want to see anyone. That includes the indicted, indicted, convicted and jailed Donald Trump. Because I, or the country, is coming out of his mouth.” Because we fundamentally disagree on many things.”

He said having Trump publicly handcuffed was humiliating to the presidential system and would not reflect the United States well in the eyes of allies and adversaries.

“I don’t want to see Donal marching in handcuffs…because that would be an embarrassment to our country,” Cohen said. “Can you imagine how our allies and adversaries could enjoy this, or despise us as a direct result?”

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