Coinbase CEO Calls for Deregulation of Artificial Intelligence – Decrypt

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes the U.S. should not regulate or limit the development of artificial intelligence (AI) at all, and any attempts to mitigate its negative effects should be avoided. He said this would only slow progress.

“We enjoyed a golden age of software and internet innovation largely because it was unregulated,” Armstrong said on Twitter Friday. “AI should do the same.”

executives comment This reflects his previous views on the cryptocurrency industry, where he has warned for years that too many laws would push it overseas. This is especially true in the field of decentralized finance (DeFi). claimed They don’t need the same regulatory attention that centralized companies did last year.

Armstrong said that, like finance, the AI ​​industry should be “decentralized,” “open sourced,” and “taken out of the bag.”

“The track record of regulation is that it creates unintended consequences and stifles competition.”[and] Despite the best intentions, innovation did not happen,” he argued.

Since the massive mainstream adoption of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, investors and tech industry giants have been racing to capitalize on every opportunity for innovation presented by this technology. Applications include text/image generation, coding, cancer detection, self-driving carmore.

Earlier this week, an anonymous Ethereum developer leveraged ChatGPT to create a tool that automatically deploys new crypto tokens to Ethereum using simple commands. Other companies are leveraging ChatGPT’s technology to create cryptocurrency education tools. evoke The long-lost voice of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin.

However, this technology is also becoming popular for more nefarious purposes. promotion A group of realistic cryptocurrency scams using social media, or flood Amazon’s marketplace for low-quality e-books.

Armstrong said that beyond cryptocurrencies, rapid advances in AI are important for many reasons, including national security. Indeed, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) I got it. It announced last year that AI is changing “the very nature of warfare,” from “predicting mechanical failures in weapons platforms to performing complex analyzes in support of combat missions.”

Armstrong’s top 10 crypto innovations did not include any AI-based innovations. highlighted last month. He instead championed efforts like Layer 2 privacy, the Web3 gaming economy, and attempts to “tokenize everything.”

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