College Baseball Player Plays Stirring Rendition of the National Anthem on Guitar

Texas A&M Corpus Christi outfielder Torre Jones III stole the show on Senior Day Saturday when he took to the field and played the national anthem on his guitar.

After his performance, the crowd erupted in applause and approval. Jones also had a 3-for-4 loss against Incarnate Ward, which gave the crowd plenty of cheers throughout the game.

After a tough day for the Islanders, the crowd was delighted with a touch of flair with a solo at the end. The musical performance also caps Jones’ stellar season on the field. The redshirt junior batted .318 and hit six home runs.

Jones’ national anthem stands in stark contrast to the athletic protests that have swept the professional and collegiate divisions. Those protests have largely died down, but the stain remains, and the public image of the athlete is probably forever tarnished.

Jones’ performance doesn’t erase these incidents, but it’s good to see some athletes still respect the flag.

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