College football’s best QBs in the transfer portal, ranked

The transfer portal opened on December 4th, and the college football world saw a number of talented players enter the portal in hopes of finding a new life elsewhere. With the success of large-scale portal transfers (his three of the four Heisman candidates, all of whom had their QBs transfer to their current schools), players may find greener pastures on the other side of the portal. I hope.

This also applies to the QB position. We mentioned that every QB in this year’s Heisman race is a transfer, but we didn’t mention how many QBs found new lives as starters at different schools. According to Bearcat Journal: 60% or more That number will likely jump next season, with some 2023 starters from Power Five schools transferring to new destinations.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 11 signal callers in the portal. I only rank people who have made their contact information public, meaning they could be recruited by any school. So this excludes Riley Leonard, who has no contact information on his profile and is expected to transfer. notre dame cathedral.

1. Cam Ward

Ward is a big name in the QB portal this year, and for good reason. He’s an exciting QB who can use his arms and legs to make big plays (even if it gets him into trouble). Incarnate Word and State of Washington, Ward threw for 119 touchdowns and ran for 16, producing exciting plays along the way. The real key here is that Ward has improved in his process as a QB and showed significant growth earlier this season. There are many teams in Onward, Ohio and florida Seems like a top destination.

2. Aidan Chiles

Chiles is a very talented passer who showed a lot of growth under Jonathan Smith. oregon. Now he’s in the portal, and there are a lot of teams that should be interested. He has a live arm and can really test his defense downfield. He is also a very talented runner and can keep any team happy. michigan This seems like the destination.

3. Dante Moore

Moore, a former five-star QB who was never a good fit for what Chip Kelly wanted to do at UCLA, is a very talented passer. When he maintains an upright posture, he can throw the ball accurately anywhere on the field. He had a little trouble processing (which is normal for a freshman), but he’s a very talented passer, so someone will bring him in with the potential to get a superstar. . Moore is from Detroit, and depending on what happens with J.J. McCarthy at the end of the season, the Wolverines could add a QB candidate, but Moore was committed to Oregon State before switching to UCLA late in the season. Isn’t it too late for him to change back?

4. Will Howard

At 6-foot-5 and 240 pounds, Howard is one of the best athletes to enter the portal, but he should also be a highly coveted QB in the portal. When playing inside himself, Howard is a good QB who is strong in the run game and throwing the ball downfield, but he can get hit if he tries too hard to be Superman. I would like to focus on USC via Derek Young of KSO Lincoln Riley visited Howard last weekend.

5. Dillon Gabriel

Big plays are the name of Gabriel’s game. Gabriel, who joins the gates after two productive years at the University of Oklahoma, is a perfect fit for college football’s wide-open style. He has enough arm to test teams downfield while also being athletic enough to run option plays. In his two seasons at the University of Oklahoma, Gabriel he threw for 55 touchdowns, 12 INTs, and on the ground he added 18 touchdowns. The big name to watch here is Oregon State.

6. Curtis Rourke

Curtis Rourke, one of the best QBs in the nation regardless of level, has entered the portal. After recovering from an ankle injury last year, Rourke threw 11 touchdowns and five INTs this year, but Rourke’s body of work has been very impressive. In his career, he led Ohio State to numerous wins with 50 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, and 7,666 passing yards. Rourke is a great decision maker and can also elevate the offense, so he should be the starter at No. 5.

7. EJ Warner

In another potential G5 to P5 transfer, Warner would be a capital G Good. Kurt Warner’s son, EJ, threw for over 6,000 yards and 41 touchdowns at Temple, but it was never the best place to put up stats or win games. Warner doesn’t have a special size, but he throws the ball in a timely manner and has accuracy in the red zone. I hope he gets a chance to start in his P5 school where he can show off some of the tools he has.

8. Dequan Finn

Finn is another player who transferred from a Group of 5 school and will make an impact at some point in the Power Five. In three seasons with Toledo, Finn had 7,070 passing yards and 63 touchdowns, and added 23 touchdowns on the ground. Finn is a playmaker on the ground and has plenty of experience as a passer, allowing him to win through the air as well. Please find another P5 person.

9. Chandler Rogers

Learn the name Chandler Rogers. Because he is good. While at North Texas, Rodgers had 3,382 passing yards and 29 touchdowns, adding four more on the ground. He is a very talented passer who can stretch the field and make plays in the run game. He attends a Power Five school and could be a big name to watch as a graduate transfer.

10. DJ Uiagalelei

Uiagalelei is an experienced QB who started multiple games at both Clemson and Oregon State, and may be a better fit for a team looking to win within a year. He’s a big, physical QB who can provide extra power in the run game, and while his passing can be a little inconsistent, he proved at Oregon State that he can thrive in a play-action offense with talented playmakers around him. In DJU’s recruitment, he should look for teams like FSU and UCLA.

11. Kyle McCord

McCord went through some ups and downs in his first year as a starter at Ohio State, but with the right offense he can be a capable QB in college. McCord finished the regular season with 3,170 passing yards and 24 touchdowns, but there weren’t the fireworks you’d expect from an Ohio State quarterback. He’s more of a short-yardage passer, effective as his QB in college, but probably not a star.



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